1103 Malawians Detained at Lindera Prison

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Henry Mussa Friday said 1103 Malawians are expected to be deported into the country from Lindera prison in South Africa.

Speaking during media briefing on his trip to South Africa, the Minister said Malawians who are detained in Lindera are not living in good conditions and has asked the South Africa government to send the detainees back home.

“I have pleaded with the government of South Africa to send our brothers and sisters back home, and that it is expected to happen in 90 days times,” said Mussa.

He further said people who are being held at Lindera prison have various issues with Home Affairs of that country for being found without proper documents of staying and working in South Africa.

“Let me say that some of the detained people had no paperwork of staying there and some were been found in criminal act,” explained Mussa.

He added that most Malawians are facing a lot of problems in foreign countries because some are working as unskilled personal and that has contributed for them to be found in the awkward situation.

“We should not take shortcuts when we are living this country to work in other countries, let’s follow the good procedures by having proper documents,” Mussa said.

He also asked the youth in the country not to rush in going out of the country to search for green pasture before they finish their education properly.

“With the vision of our President Peter Mutharika, we are opening up community colleges throughout the country so that the youth can go there and learn some skilled labour so that they not only depend on getting employment but that they can as well have something on their own to do.

“Once this is done we will minimize the number of unskilled labour person in the country but also those who will be going outside the country will have better jobs in any country they will go than it is now,” said Mussa.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA