34 percent boreholes functional in Chiradzulu

CHIRADZULU: Only 34 percent of the 1 537 water points which are boreholes in Chiradzulu are functional, Climate Justice Fund (CJF) II project implemented by Water for People has established.

Public Health Specialist at Water for People, Steve Kumwenda told District Executive Committee (DEC) members on Wednesday after doing water point mapping in Chiradzulu where it was establishing the knowledge and rural water resource management framework that will allow the government of Malawi to meet Strategic Development Goal (SDG) 6.

Imagine that 32 percent are not functional due to broken parts, 49 percent due to worn out parts, 15 percent due to low seasonal water flow, three percent due to vandalism and only 1 percent due to poor water quality, he clarified.

He said the project faced challenges like delay in completion of recruitment of Water Mapping Assistants, blood suckers saga as well as infrastructure expectations.

District Water Officer (DWO) for Chiradzulu, Macpherson Kuseli said some boreholes were not functional due to poor management.

One contributing factor is that communities have been failing to procure spare parts because of poor revenue collection in which community members agree to contribute a small amount of money for borehole maintenance, he said.

Kuseli added that there is need for all sectors to join hands in sensitizing the community on borehole spare parts prices so that they could contribute more for its sustainability.

Director of Planning and Development (DPD) for Chiradzulu, Kelvin Harawa said having only 34 percent functional boreholes in the district was worrisome as it was a health challenge.

Introduction of borehole banking and backyards will assist the community to generate resources to procure spare parts for the sake of sustainability, he said.

The CJF project has been in the district for two years but it is now phasing out as the program continues up to 2021 in other districts.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA