50-50 campaign flops in Kasungu

Kasungu, Women candidates in the May 21 polls have performed miserably in Kasungu despite a spirited campaign by organizations to attain the 50-50 gender representation for Members of Parliament (MPs) and councilors.

In the parliamentary elections, the district has done badly, electing only two female MPs out of nine, which was the same number in the 2014 tripartite elections.

The local government election results show that only two female candidates, out of 18, have made it to the district council and only one has triumphed at the municipal council.

This means that the entire district has produced only three female councillors out of 27 while in the last elections it produced five female councilors.

The 50-50 Management Agency, which is supporting the 50-50 Campaign in Malawi through Media Consultant Wisdom Chimgwede, has told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the campaign is work in progress.

Chimgwede however said the process requires a lot of efforts from everyone.

There will be districts where things will be slow and there will be some areas where things will be faster. It’s not that everything will be going at 100 per cent just like that.

For Kasungu, it is indeed something we have to worry considering that the numbers have reduced.

However, stakeholders there like chiefs, organizations and political parties ought to come together and look at what was wrong, said Chimgwede.

Chimgwede said it was also pleasing to see that despite some districts not doing well in women representation in the two houses (parliament and council) others have done much better like Mangochi and Nsanje.

Kasungu female aspiring candidates in the local government elections, apart from getting support from 50-50 Management Agency, also got support from Governance, Gender and Justice Development Centre (GGJDC) which had a less ambitious approach of attaining at least 40 per cent women representation.

Source: MANA Online