50:50 Management Agency engages AWOME on young women aspirations

Lilongwe, The 50:50 Campaign Management Agency has engaged the Association of Women in Media (AWOME) to enlighten women journalists on the need to report on the aspirations of young women who are contesting in the forthcoming general elections.

Making the remarks in Lilongwe Tuesday during the 50:50 Campaign Media Engagement,

AWOME Central Region Chapter Chairperson, Suzgo Khunga, hailed the initiative, saying it would go a long way in boosting young women aspirants, not only in the forthcoming elections but also beyond that.

It is important that us as women, we are able to report on the aspirations of other women as well and it also helps that we understand why women are contesting and the right questions to ask them, she said.

She observed that women feel safer to speak to fellow women and it is for that reason that the grouping thought of listening to what the Campaign Management Agency had to say.

She said what had been shared would enable members of the grouping to go out there and improve on what they have been doing.

Khunga appealed to fellow women journalists to understand the role they have to play in the forthcoming elections, saying it is up to them to present the balanced picture of what is happening during the campaign period.

As such it is also crucial that we are able to isolate certain candidates that are taking part in the elections and this is young women, she said.

The 50:50 Campaign Management Agency has also ensured that women journalists go back to what they have been doing and isolate the young women and report on them effectively.

She further said the media is there for the young women candidates and it has been there for both female and male candidates, disabled as well as youth because they have been all coming to the media.

50:50-Campaign Management Agency Media Consultant, Wisdom Chimgwede, said as the agency, they believed engagement with the media was critical in ensuring that they create a cadre of voters who are going to understand issues.

He said the female journalists are critical because there is a lot of talk of women not supporting each other and as such they thought narrative could change by engaging female journalists.

The female journalists, it is believed, can understand the issues and be able to report positively about the female aspirants.

This, therefore, would disprove that long-held belief that there is a lot of fudging amongst women and that they cannot help and develop each other.

We think there is a responsibility to change the narrative with good partnerships. We have a strong conviction that we are going to increase the numbers (of women) in parliament and councils because, already, we have much more candidates now than it was in 2014, he said.

Women remain seriously underrepresented in Malawi’s political sphere despite the commitment expressed by a broad spectrum of political and civil society leaders to encourage their greater political participation through the 50:50 Campaign.

As a way to increase women representation in public offices, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in liaison with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare provided funding through a consortium to manage the 50:50 Campaign programme.

The goal for the 50:50 Campaign is to achieve improved participation and representation of women in leadership and decision-making positions in Malawi.

Source: MANA Online