8,000 households register in World Vision bed net mass registration

Neno, Over 8,039 households in Neno have been registered in the ongoing mass registration of bed nets being implemented by World Vision Malawi (WVM) since July 1, 2018

Neno District Environmental Health Office (DEHO), OJohn Mpoha disclosed this to Malawi New Agency (MANA) Wednesday in an interview after visiting Felemu village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mlauli.

He said 32,756 households are set to be registered in order to receive Global Fund secured bed nets to be distributed throughout the country in October, 2018.

The DEHO said Neno has a projected population of 167,058 and 38,529 beneficiaries are targeted to receive the bed nets,

We started the mass registration on July 2, 2018and we are expected to run it for 14 days but it appears we will need an extension for a week since we are working at Traditional level. We have worked for the past six days and we have completed mass registration in area of TA Chekucheku and we are half way in the area of TA Mlauli, he disclosed.

Mpoha explained that the process seem to be involving because Neno as a one of the pilot district in which WVM is using manual and electronic registration of the beneficiaries.

We are making progress despite the fact communities have been subjected to a lot of registration within a short period of time and this made some beneficiaries were resisting to the call to register but now they have understood the cause behind and are coming in large numbers. The DEHO added.

He said Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs), traditional and religious leaders have played a vital role in sensitizing the communities to get registered through the mass registration in order to receive the bed nests,

Mpoha pointed out although there was a lot of misconception on the use of the national identity card in the first few days of the exercise but the district team managed to change community’s mindsets through community mobilization initiatives.

We encouraging the communities that they should not be subjected to mosquito’s bites at night and that they should sleep in the bed nets everyday for a year in order to prevent the spread of malaria in their communities, he explained.

Village headwoman Chisesa 1 welcomed the WVM mass registration saying this would help reduce the spread of malaria in their area.

She said the area is proven to Malaria and the initiative to distribute free bed nets to them would consolidate their efforts to fight the disease.

We are going to make sure that every household that receives the bed nets make use of the net when sleeping at night. We will put a mechanism to ensure that these nets are not mismanaged or being abused or used to activities which are not related to preventing malaria like using the nets for fishing or gardening, Chisesa 1 narrated.

Chisesa 1 has 374 families and is the village situated at Neno Boma turn off.

Neno has four Traditional Authorities namely Mlauli, Chekucheku, Simon and Dambe.

WVM received Global Fund totaling US$ 40.3 to distribute 10.9 million bed nets throughout the country in October, 2018

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA