Absence of copies of list of centres halts MEC consultation meetings

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) consultation meeting with stakeholders Thursday in Kasungu was halted for over an hour after stakeholders demanded copies of what was being discussed.

After opening the meeting, next on the agenda was to cross check current centres and proposed centres.

However, stakeholders were not happy with the MEC officials who were reading the names of centres while they did not have a copy to cross check.

“We want copies of this information because there is no way we can keep this by heart,” Member of Parliament for Kasungu East Madalitso Kazombo argued.

Agreeing with Kazombo, MP for Kasungu Central, Amon Nkhata said for him to make informed decisions there was need for the copies as reference.

Traditional Authority Chidzuma shared the same views of having copies made available to the stakeholders for easy referencing.

Some murmuring could be heard accusing the Commission of being careless because it was supposed to prepare well for the meeting.

Director of Information Communications Technology at MEC Muhabi Chisiza tried to reason with the stakeholders saying those from the said areas should confirm the centres.

This still fell on the deaf ears of the stakeholders.

After exchanging words, but with no any progress made, Commissioner Evelyn Ntafu decided that a recess be taken to sort out the issue.

It took over one hour to make copies of the list of current and proposed centres.

The meeting resumed after the copies were made available to the stakeholders though not enough as they had to be in groups.

MEC is currently conducting stakeholders meetings to get views from the people on the problems concerning boundaries that are overriding in councils and also constituencies.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA