Absence of Ink pads hampering progress of door to door mass registration for bed nets

Blantyre, Mana: World Vision Malawi (WVM) mass registration of bed nets is facing some challenges due to lack of ink pads to be used by those who are unable to read and write.

Senior Health Surveillance Assistant (SHSA) for Mponda Health Post, Christopher Baluti revealed this to Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday at Chikhale village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre,

He said the WVM mass registration require households to be provided with coupons during mass registration which would enable them to receive the bed nets during the distribution exercise to be done in October, 2018.

My biggest challenge in this area is that most households am finding women but they are unable tp write and it is difficult for them to sign for their coupons without the provision of ink pads, Baluti explained.

The SHSA pointed out that most men who are able to write are not available in their homes because they are out fending for their families.

We communicated to our supervisors at Lirangwe Health Centre about the issue of provision of ink pads and they promised to look into but until now they have not provided it and this is the third day of the exercise, he said.

Baluti said he has worked in two villages of Chikhale and Sani so far and 83 households have been registered.

The other challenge for the door to door mass registration is that when you visit a homestead to you find that the head of the house is not there and we normally leave a message to follow us or we return later in the day to register them but this is taking our time, he stated.

Baluti said messages for the door to door mass registration were well spread and local structureswere used but sometimes people tend to do the opposite.

One of the head a household of Chikhale village, Esmie Jafali, 21 married with one child said children are most proven to mosquito bite at night and they easily catch malaria.

She said the mass distribution of be nets by WVM would help them to reduces cases of malaria in their area.

We used spent most of our times taking our children to health facilities for malaria treated since most families do not have bed nets to sleep under during the net, I would like to thank World Vision for initiative this programme because it is targeting a lot of people, Jafali said.

She said, I have slept under bed net before I got the net at the health facility when I was expectant and I have used it and am using it, I want to encourage those that will receive the bed nets to use them according and they will reap the fruits of it.

Mponda Health Post has a catchment of over 5,000 people and is under Lirangwe Health Centre in Blantyre North,

The WVM mass registration of be nets commenced on July 1, 2018 and is expected to running for two weeks with a possibility of a week extension.

Over 10.9 million bed nets are to be distributed in all the districts throughout the country with funding from Global Fund which is being managed by World Vision Malawi (WVM).

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA