Action Aid to spearhead social justice

Lilongwe: ActionAid Malawi has officially launched its fifth Country Strategy Paper (CSP) with the overall goal to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication by shifting and redistributing power and resources, strengthening the resilience of communities and fulfilling the rights of people living in poverty exclusion.

Speaking at the launch in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Jean Kalilani said the strategy will go a long way in reducing poverty as it generally targets young women and girls since poverty usually manifests itself mostly within women.

This strategy is a powerful tool which will be effective in eradicating poverty in Malawi because it is being implemented at the grass root level in rural areas, where the majority of people are most affected with poverty Said Kalilani

Kalilani went on to applaud the women who take it upon themselves to take the initiative and embark on several economic activities to better the lives of their family and communities.

ActionAid Board Chairperson Professor Address Malata said their organization aims to promote women in all sectors of life by promoting education from the early childhood to enable them to do what they can to ensure sustainable development.

ActionAid has had an impact in the rural areas it is implementing its projects by promoting women empowerment in several aspects including financial freedom, sexually reproductive issues and rights, she Explained

Malata added that ActionAid will be working with all three arms of government such as parliamentarians during budget period, mobilizing them to look at allocation of resources so as to ensure accountability.

The focus of the strategy is about making sure that people have information and resources in every aspect of life, in order to address issues such as health, tax, agriculture, land reforms, governance and leadership Stated Malata.

In her remarks ActionAid Executive Director Grace Malata said they hope to achieve the changes in the three priority areas of women’s rights, climate justice, disaster, emergency management and civic participation, governance and state accountability.

The country strategy paper titled ‘Action for social justice’ will run from 2018-2023.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA

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