African countries asked to gang up against terrorism

In Cairo, Egypt

African countries have been asked to gang up against terrorism, a practice believed to promote new colonialism used by the former colonial masters who inject money to rebel groups and engage the youth to destabilize nations.

Former Ambassador and Advisor to the Minister of Local Development for International Cooperation in Egypt, Dr Mohamed Higazy made the remarks on Monday in Cairo, Egypt, when he addressed the Union of African Journalists forum during his presentation titled ‘Terrorism a difficult battle’.

Terrorists look for our weak bondages amongst our citizens and penetrate by engaging the idle youthful generation in these devastating activities.

I urge African countries, through all the regional blocks like SADC, ECOWAS and COMESA, to strengthen their bonds, look at plotters with a watchful eye and jointly rise up to fight extremists who have found Africa their fertile ground, Higazy said.

He said although terrorism is complicated, the idea of United States of Africa as pushed by political fathers like Kwame Nkurumah (Ghana), Kamuzu Banda (Malawi), Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya) and Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia) among others, should have been a solution to some challenges currently facing African countries.

Colonial masters want to continue ruling Africa by taking advantage of our weak economy and mostly support either warring parties or rebels to create room for exploiting the available resources.

Let’s be patriotic, stand up and face terrorists and defend mother Africa by avoiding capitalizing on religious, political and ethnic identities as angles which these extremists mostly use to destabilize peace in many African countries, he appealed.

Higazy cited rebel groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al- Shabbab in Somalia and the Tuareg rebels in Mali, which he said have terrorized those countries, claiming many lives of innocent people in the process.

Who fund these terrorist groups, who give them sophisticated weapons, who pay them and supply all other serious resources required in wars? he wondered.

We can also reject them by checking illegal immigration, economically empowering the youth by engaging them in various productive activities to overcome idleness before they are exploited by these terrorist groups, he appealed.

Higazy, a former ambassador in several countries like Jordan, India, Germany and London, said wars in DRC, Central African Republic, Mozambique and many other countries are evidence that someone rally behind the wars which leave citizens poorer.

Egypt and Sudan had a difference over Nile River, but we realized that the issue should be how to administer the available resources and not conflicting, we are one and we amicably co-exist.

When Egypt hosted ministers from different countries in 2017, it was agreed that we should take terrorism fight on one shoulder by among other key things, ensuring that our citizens understand both military and ideological terrorism which are splitting us for the goodness of the extremists, he added.

Wikipedia defines ‘Terrorism’ as the use of internationally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear among masses of people to achieve a religious or political aim. It is used in both, peace time or in war against combatants.

Source: MANA Online