Agriculture Ministry happy with high yields of rice production

Blantyre, Ministry of Agriculture, irrigation and water development has expressed satisfaction with an increase in rice production in different areas of the country.

With the cyclone ldai which hit most parts of the country, rice farmers were afraid that they may not grow enough rice.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Tuesday, Public Relations Officer, Hamilton Chimala said there is an increase of rice production this year in various rice irrigation schemes in the country.

The nation has experienced an increase in rice production this year due to the favorable rains which we have received this year.

“In Dedza rice farmers have produced a lot of surplus due to availability of water in the Bwanje Irrigation Scheme, mainly the Lower parts of Ntakataka EPA the area is suitable for rice production,” said Chimala.

“Government has only set minimum prices of selling farm produce so that buyers can offer more than the minimum price,” said Chimala.

President of Farmers Union, Alfred Kapichira said they will make sure that rice farmers are selling their crop at prices which government has set so that they should benefit from their harvest.

We encourage the farmers to sell their surplus to ADMARC so that they should not be deceived by the middle men who come to buy their crops in different trading centers and in their various locations, said Kapichira.

Source: MANA Online