All set for citizen march for life and family

The citizen march for life and family is a celebration, defense and reaffirmation that life begins at conception, that it is sacred and must be safeguarded with extreme care from conception.

The national task force that is behind the planned march for life set to take place on Tuesday, has said life must be preserved and protected from conception and that sex and marriage is naturally between man and woman.

The task force was addressing members of the press in Lilongwe on Monday and said all is set for the planned march which will culminate into presentation of a petition to members of parliament.

The march for life and family will take place in all 4 cities and 28 districts of the country with the main event scheduled to take place in Lilongwe under the theme lighting the candle derived from john 1 verse 5 from the bible.

Chairperson for the task force, Martin Chiphwanya said it is the general feeling of the church that family is under attack by those pushing for legalization of homosexuality through forcing Malawi to remove those laws that criminalize homosexuality.

He said life is also under attack by those pushing for the legalization of abortion through pushing for the enactment of the abortion bill.

“Malawi’s society and its values are under attack by a hugely funded campaign for killing of unborn children and abortion.

“We want to offer a platform for Malawians to stand up against the culture of death as being championed by those promoting the killing of unborn children under the guise of safe abortion or sexual reproductive health rights,” the chairperson said.

Chiphwanya, who is also the National Secretary for Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) said there is nothing like safe killing or safe sinning and that the right to life is the first amongst all human rights.

During the press briefing Chiphwanya was flanked by Secretary for the task force, Makhumbo Munthali of Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission (EPJC) Nkhoma synod general secretary Vasco Kachipapa, Maltilda Matabwa of Assemblies of God and Reverend Grey Mwalabu.

Munthali said the march should not be construed as a demonstration against gays or lesbians but rather an open call to all Malawians to stand up for what is morally right.

“During the march it will mainly be a celebration of life. We cannot begin to talk about human rights if we cannot talk about life. It is our hope that all Malawians will turn up in large numbers to be part of this movement,” he said.

Rev. Kachipapa said it is an obligation and mandate of the church to stand up and defend life and marriage.

In other districts and cities, the petition will be submitted to district commissioners and chief executive officers.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA