An Agency promotes entrepreneurship in the country

Lilongwe, As one way of promoting business in Malawi, Stephens Entrepreneurs Consultancy Agency has organised exclusive entrepreneurship training workshop on April 6, 2019 at Chancellor College Little Theatre in Zomba.

The event is targeting students from high school, colleges, universities and business owners among others to assist them on how they can save, use money, invest, grow and spot strong investment opportunities to help the development of the country.

A Zambian based Business consultant and Co-founder for the agency, Stephen Chansongo said is committed to helping Malawian entrepreneurs on how they can make money through their own various skills and talents.

I want people to begin develop their businesses, with an aim to ease some problems in the district such as poor roads, housing, and infrastructure among others to be a thing of the past.

We want to see more vibrant youth ready for the future, a more united and entrepreneurial focused for Zomba district, he pointed out.

Chansongo added that event would help businesspersons to learn new methods of doing business in technological advanced world and impart them with skills and knowledge on how best they can promote and expand their clientele through unsure methods and techniques.

Malawi has vast potential and such a time when the economy is unpredictable and students are about to graduate, employment also at an all-time high now more than ever.

It would be a best time to have such an event to increase production and activity within the country to stabilize it, he said.

Stephen’s Entrepreneurs Consultancy Agency started in August 2016 with purpose of helping young aspiring entrepreneurs to make money through their talents, skills and ideas.

In 2016, while in the company he authored and published a book titled “Girl child development in schools in the community.

The book has received recommendation from Ministry of general education and had been approved to be used in schools, colleges and universities in Zambia.

The book is aimed at sensitizing educators in schools, colleges and universities on how best they can handle the various personalities in their classes as they facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, value and skills.

Source: MANA Online