APM declares total war against drug theft in hospitals

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has warned medical staff who are in the habit of stealing drugs in health facilities that they will meet his wrath.

He sounded the warning Wednesday during a development rally held at Chitipa Boma.

The president observed that the problem of drug theft in public hospitals is escalating because perpetrators have been handled with kid gloves by both the courts and government at large.

“The problem of drugs theft continues to reign havoc in public hospitals because those caught stealing drugs are not slapped with the deterrent penalties they deserve, as most of them are only transferred to another health facility where they continue with the habit,” observed Mutharika.

He described theft of drugs as direct killing of innocent Malawians struggling with life in hospital beds.

Despite government commitment to flood drugs in the hospitals, most health facilities easily run out of drugs, to the extent that patients who have been prescribed drugs are referred to private health facilities to buy the drugs, which is a big challenge to resource poor Malawians.

The president then warned medical personnel who enrich themselves through theft of drugs that they will languish in prison besides being fired from work once caught.

The first citizen said he will not care even if the fired civil servant files a lawsuit against him.

Warned Mutharika, “The honey moon is over. Once we have evidence that you have stolen drugs, you will not be transferred, let alone suspended, but you will unconditionally be fired and instantly jailed.”

On development, the president said his government is committed to implement a number of development projects in the Northern Region, in addition to those already implemented.

He cited Misuku road as one requiring upgrading, construction of Rumphi- Nyika- Nthalire road and Njakwa -Livingstonia- Chitimba road among others.

Mutharika, however, took a swipe at opposition parties for failure to appreciate efforts by his government to transform the country including the North through implementation of a number of strategic development projects.

“It is unfortunate that the opposition does not understand his development agenda and as a result, they always oppose all my development plans,” he said.

“The North is full of life, just like any other regions of the country,” he said.

On the country’s food situation, Mutharika expressed surprise that opposition parties amplify the magnitude of hunger impact on Malawians, saying no body will die and has died of hunger in this country.

He said government has enough capacity to procure maize to feed families which are hunger stricken to ensure that just like last year, no one faces starvation.

Source: Malawi News Agency