BCC relocates Mzedi dumpsite to Machinjiri

Blantyre, Blantyre’s Mzedi dumpsite will shortly relocate to Machinjiri for fear of untold disease outbreaks and as it turns into a residential area.

Blantyre City Council (BCC) Environmental and Pollution Officer, Laura Matanda made the disclosure on Friday in Blantyre in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana).

Really, following long time filthy and pungent conditions at our Mzedi dumpsite; efforts by the authorities seem to be paying off as the relocation plans to a newly-identified site in Machinjiri adjacent to where Mota-Engil plant is located.

At present, the Council will turn Mzedi into a residential area and those interested are acquiring plots. All applicants are being advised to hold on for a while until the waste is cleared; there and then, developmental projects may commence, she added.

Matanda said Mzedi dumpsite poses a health-hazard as the place continues to produce pungent smell, noting that the local council is currently working towards relocating it to Machinjiri.

She said the identified site shall be fenced to prevent scavengers from tampering with it during day and night with security personnel manning it to avoid trespassers.

The Officer said the site which would be abandoned soon shall first of all have a reasonable pit dug out where all the refuse shall be buried prior to the final relocation to the proposed site.

As an environmental friendly council; the department will ensure that the water-table is not affected when digging up the pit where the rubbish will be disposed of; otherwise overlooking the issue might bring about yet another health-hazard, she observed.

Mana has learnt that Blantyre’s Mzedi dumpsite is probably the country’s oldest set-up nationwide which started serving residents of the city over five decades ago.

Source: MANA Online