Bishop Mtumbuka for viable energy policies to control deforestation

Karonga, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church has said the fight against climate change would still be a challenge in the country unless government puts in place viable energy policies to curb deforestation.

He made the remarks Wednesday at Nandanga Primary school in Mwamkumbwa Traditional Authority (TA) Mwaulambia in Chitipa district during a tree planting exercise which was organized by Karonga Diocese.

Mtumbuka said government need to come up with viable energy policies and regulations and ensure that electricity tariffs are affordable by Malawians who mostly depend on wood fuel and charcoal cooking and businesses thereby depleting natural resources such as forests across the country.

Depletion of the environment is the driving factor of climate change. Some of the effects include erratic rain fall and crops being attached by fall army worms.

We cannot not address issues of deforestation if our energy policies are not viable. It is high time that electricity tariffs are affordable by everyone so that people can use electricity for cooking, he said.

Mtumbuka said Karonga Diocese is committed to work with different stakeholders in conserving the environment, hence its involvement in tree planting.

The Bishop urged Malawians to ensure that trees which are planted yearly are taken care of to increase their survival rate.

Group Village Head Mwamkumbwa commended the church for their role in conserving nature by among other thing spearing heading planting of trees in different parts of the diocese.

He said he would personally make sure that his subjects plant trees in their localities and that the planted trees are taken care of.

Karonga Diocese through its Integrated Rural Development Programme targets to plant about 80,000 trees in Karonga and Chitipa districts.

Source: MANA Online