Blantyre Archdiocese in special prayers for general elections

Blantyre, Blantyre Arch Diocese of the Catholic Church has organized special prayers for peaceful elections which will be held from Sunday May 12 to May 20 through a Novena, Malawi News Agency (Mana) has established.

Making the announcement on Sunday, Parish Priest for St. Martin (Chirimba), Fr. Peter Kantembe said the archdiocese’s leadership had made the directive to have its flock conduct the prayers which would be delivered through a Novena for nine days.

Kantembe said the aim of the prayers was to invoke the Holy Spirit to prevail before, during and after the general elections.

He said the church has found it necessary to seek divine intervention considering that the tripartite election seems to be highly contested and that some of the electoral incidents need to be addressed through prayers to avoid post-election violence.

His Lordship, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa has since advised that we should conduct a Novena from today, Sunday from 5 pm to 6 pm through to May 20, so that the elections can be conducted peacefully, Kantembe said.

Fr. Kantembe, therefore, asked members of the church to patronize the prayers, saying prayer is the answer to every situation including the national elections.

He also appealed to all members of the church who registered in the voters roll to turn up in their large numbers in the forthcoming polls.

Do not be carried away by the handouts that different candidates are dishing out. You should only vote into power people who have demonstrated that they have the welfare of the electorate at heart over their own personal gains, he appealed.

Meanwhile, Fr. Kantembe has since asked men in the parish to join the Catholic Men Organisation to effectively take part in the activities of the church.

He said for a long time, men have taken a back-stage role in church activities leaving most of the work to women, a situation he said needed to change on the basis that all people are supposed to serve the church equally for the growth of the church.

In his reaction, St. Martin Parish Chairperson, Peter Nzolima concurred with Parish Priest Kantembe that it was high time men took an active role in activities of the church from small Christian community, ward to parish level.

We are determined to help in church activities considering that men have different talents and professional skills which can be used for purposes of developing the church and individual capacities of members, Nzolima said.

Source: MANA Online