Blantyre Synod calls for prayers for 2019 elections

ZOMBA: Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) of Blantyre Synod has called on its members to consider dedicating prayers for 2019 peaceful elections the country will conduct in May.

Blantyre Synod Moderator, Reverend Masauko Mbolembole urged church members to take a leading role in praying for the country’s fair and peaceful 2019 tripartite elections.

Addressing church members during the 2018 Chingale Presbytery Annual convention on Friday in Zomba, Mbolembole said the church remains critical in ensuring that the country conducts peaceful and fair polls through prayers.

Mbolembole appealed to the church’s faithful to seek God’s intervention during campaign and during elections period. He emphasised that prayer was the only weapon used by believers to seek God’s intervention.

The Synod believes that the only way to go for Malawi to have free, fair and peaceful elections next year is through payers, said Mbolembole.

He, however, urged members of the church to refrain from being involved in any political violence or being used as campaign weapons during campaign, saying: Blantyre Synod does not expect its members to be involved in violence.

In fact, we don’t expect our youth to be used as campaign tools for some politicians where they will instigate others to cause malicious damage, he added, noting that involvement in such kind of acts was tantamount to damaging the image of the church.

Mbolembole pointed out that violence has a negative effect on democracy and that it affects development of every nation in a sense that some people with evil minds take advantage to steal and loot other peoples’ property.

He also expressed the need for members of the church to go in large numbers during registration to be eligible to choose leaders of their choice. If you fail to go for registration, you will not be allowed to vote for the leader of your choice, he added.

Mbolembole, therefore, encouraged the church’s faithful to support candidates who would promote peace, development and integrity of Malawi, reminding the followers the major focus for the Synod was promoting spiritual growth of its membership.

Don’t take the church as a club but let us promote a prayerful spirit among ourselves for the glory of God, he urged.

Chingale Presbytery Moderator, Reverend Nelson Payao thanked the synod for the guidance towards different socio-economic issues.

Payao, however, appealed to the synod to mobilize relief food items to be distributed to people of Chingale because they did not have anything in their stocks following the dry spells and fall army worms the area experienced during the growing season.

The 24th annual convention for Chingale Presbytery attracted over 180 delegates from all churches in the area where they discussed various issues including education, health, church and society, among others.

Presbytery annual meetings are held every year in all 18 Blantyre Synod Presbyteries.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA