Bongo gives hope on rehabilitation of Chimwankhunda Dam

Blantyre, Blantyre City South Independent aspiring councillor for Naotcha Ward, Kelton Bongo has promised to rehabilitate Chimwankhunda Dam to reduce water problems once elected May 21.

Bongo made the remarks during a political rally he addressed on Wednesday at Zingwangwa Primary School in the area.

He observed that residents around the dam would benefit from the facility as they are facing water problems. He said it was an insult to people considering that the dam has the capacity to provide good water.

I promise that this will be history once I am elected as councillor, I will settle all disagreements between on the ownership of the dam.

As it is now, Blantyre City Council and Malawi Housing Corporation cannot say who owns the dam, Bongo said.

Bongo added that in addition to rehabilitating the dam, he would also put up a huge water tank in the area to supply the commodity in dry season.

Each and every kiosk will have its own water tank and at a distance of a kilometer, we will also erect a tank to make sure that water shortages become history because water is life, Bongo said.

The aspiring councilor also assured people he would fulfill all the promises, saying he has since solicited support from well-wishers on the implementation of the projects.

Chimwankhunda and other dams in the city were constructed to supplement water supply in different townships of Blantyre.

Meanwhile, Chimwankhunda Dam, located in Soche East is being used as a waste dumping area due to lack of proper management.

Source: MANA Online