Bringing people closer to the creator through music – Pastor Henry

As December gets close to an end, people look to God or closure, thanking him for life, success, trials and tribulations they have gone through and hope for the next year.

It is in times like these one needs music to praise and worship.

Henry Mwikhoma is a Malawian USA based worship leader and Pastor whose album Angels Cry fits the bill.

Angels cry, an 8 track album was released in October this year and has songs like ‘you have given power’, ‘Overflow’ and ‘Your presence’.

Mwikhoma who goes by Pastor Henry is a guitar and piano player that loves to worship and says, “He feels fulfilled when the music he writes helps who listen to get to know who God is”

Since the year 2000, Pastor Henry has dedicated his life mission to praising and worship God releasing three album to his name: For The Sake Of Love in 2011, Forever in 2014 and Angels Cry in 2016.

He explains what inspires him, “Listening to someone preaching can inspire me to write a song, then there is reading but the most important inspiration i get is after I spend time in prayer and worship”

“That next two hours is the most important time because that’s when I receive most of the songs. I write from the Holy Spirit”

With so many genres of music Pastor Henry chooses to stick with worship as it has a deeper meaning, “I always think that worship music is what brings a person Close to God”

“The other genres I feel they don’t really take a person there and my heart has always been to take people close the creator of the universe through music”

Pastor Henry says he will continue spreading the gospel, I am willing to move mountains when I am working on songs in the studio, if I want to put an instrument on a song

and either I don’t have it or I don’t know how to play it the song

will wait for me to either find the instrument or someone who can

play it, or until I learn how to play it”

The Pastor is currently working on videos from the album Angels Cry.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA