BT social welfare grapples with street kid’s problem

BLANTYRE: The presence of street kids in the streets of Blantyre City refuses to die out completely despite ongoing sensitizations and repatriation efforts by the Social Welfare Office (SWO).

Blantyre District Social Welfare Officer Triphona Limbani admitted in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Monday that her office is concerned to note that nothing is changing to take away some children from the streets.

Limbani said her office has conducted repatriations exercises for street kids. But just after few days, the children are back in streets causing troubles such as pick pocketing.

Their presence on the streets is attributed to a number of factors. Some of them include lack of proper parental care, failure to utilize the opportunity of the free primary education and lack of other basic needs, Limbani said.

She added that more blame should go to their parents and guardians because when asked why they are always on the streets without proper places to sleep, the children say they are sent by their guardians to get alms to support their households.

The DSWO said as an office, they keeping on working tirelessly to ensure that the streets of Blantyre City are no longer homes for street kids.

Limbani added that the presence of the street kids has more negative effects on other ordinary people.

She said: They sexually harass women who knock off late; they make the streets looking ‘filthy’ as they do not have proper sanitary facilities to answer the call of nature and they are pick pockets to say the least.

Limbani laments that some scores of the street kids brought to her office have actually admitted that that they are on the streets by orders from their parents.

One street kid Samuel Sambani admitted to have been sent into the streets by his parents to get alms for his family from good Samaritans.

But Limbani added that her office together with the Blantyre City Council (BCC) will never relent on sensitizing communities within its reach to move away the street kids.

She said her office is also conducting investigations that will lead to the apprehension of parents who promote the vice and take them to task.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA

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