BULAMO drills teachers of adult classes

Salima,Over 20adult literacy teachers in Salima have been awarded with certificates in education after a formal training conducted by Bungwe Lothandiza Amasiye ndi Osauka (BULAMO) in the district.

The training was conducted to increase skills and knowledge of teachers who at first were teaching without undergoing formal training.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana), the director for BULAMO organisation, Haliet Phiri, said the teachers were lacking proper skills on how to handle learners and deliver effectively in class.

We introduced this program last year with four centres, we decided to train our teachers since they were lacking skills and knowledge, most of them did not go through any teacher training course. With the training now, they will be able to handle and teach their learners without problems. The certificate that they have received will identify them as qualified teachers, said Phiri.

Senior Group Village Headwoman Bibi Chenyama, said she is happy with the training especially that the teachers have been trained in different skills.

In my area, old people did not go further with school. They therefore find it difficult to know where they are going and how to manage their businesses. With this training given to our teachers, these learners will benefit a lot as they will know how to read and write, said Chenyama.

One of the teacher trainees, Victor Salimu, told MANA that with the training he will be able to teach with confidence.

During the training, teachers have learnt how to write a scheme and records of work, class management, lesson plan preparation, keeping teaching records and attendance register and how to handle people with different learning challenges.

BULAMO came to Malawi in 2006 and it introduced adult literacy schools in Salima in 2016 with four centres. The organisation also does some work like home based care and HIV and Aids testing and counselling.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA