CADH, MEHN calls for support in fighting Diabetes and hypertension

Lilongwe: Founder of the Lilongwe based Community against Diabetes and Hypertension (CADH), Olive Kadzakumanja has called for concerted efforts in fighting Diabetes and Hypertension in the country.

CADH is a community grouping currently with 30 member groups founded in 2015 with the aim of fighting diabetes and hypertension in Malawi through peer support groups and counseling centres.

It has currently managed to reach out to 1,080 people.

On Saturday, CADH held its annual peer supporter annual get together in Lilongwe to discuss and voice out challenges people suffering from the diseases are facing where she said everyone should get involved in this fight.

It is important on the part of government to make sure that enough efforts are being channeled towards the fight against diabetes and hypertension in the country.

Family members of affected patients should join this fight. Sometimes female patients are ridiculed and called names when they prepare food with less salt or without cooking oil and male patients are deemed troublesome when they ask for proper foodstuffs, she said.

The retired nurse who voluntarily helps around 15 patient’s every day at her base at Kawale said this should be a fight from all fronts.

The aim is to avoid further complications for the patients and also prevent new cases by encouraging everyone to observe good eating habits and exercises. People should not wait until they are diagnosed to start good health practices, Kadzakumanja pointed out.

She said there are several challenges CADH is facing.

Kadzakumanja noted that CAHD does not have enough drugs, medical equipment and personnel, and also face mobility challenges to reach out to all the 30 groups.

I want to reach out to government and other organizations that can assist CARD in these areas so that we should be able to visit the communities with mobile clinics at least once a month, she said, adding she runs the organization using personal funds.

The retired Nurse urged people affected with these diseases form groups or join CADH so as they may be able to share life experiences which she says brings encouragement amongst patients.

Malawi Health Equity Network (MEHN) Executive Director, George Jobe has called on government, stakeholders and companies to help organizations working tirelessly in the field of health so as to improve lives of Malawians.

What we have seen is that there are dedicated Malawians who are passionate about the lives of others like CADH and its patron, which is being run on personal finances to help people affected by diabetes and hypertension.

Government, well-wishers and even volunteers should come in to help those in the forefront helping others, he observed.

The Executive Director MEHN would engage Ministry of Health and Population to address some issues that have been raised like poor medical attention the patients say they face when seeking help at public facilities.

He advised Malawians to be champions of diabetes and hypertension saying when it comes to these two ailments, everyone is a suspect.

National Coordinator for non-communicable diseases and mental health in the Ministry of Health and Population, Dan Banda said government would continue raising awareness and the fight against non-communicable diseases in the country.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA