Sabin Vaccine Institute Begins Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Sudan Ebolavirus Vaccine

Sabin Vaccine Institute Begins Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Sudan Ebolavirus Vaccine
Laboratory at Makerere University Walter Reed Project, where Sabin’s Phase 2 Sudan ebolavirus vaccine clinical trial begins this month

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sabin Vaccine Institute launched a Phase 2 clinical trial for its vaccine against Sudan ebolavirus, with healthy volunteers receiving the single-dose vaccine at Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP) in Uganda. There are currently no approved vaccines for this strain of ebolavirus, which saw an outbreak end just last year. Ebolavirus disease kills on average half the people infected, according to the World Health Organization.

Sudan ebolavirus is a filovirus, in the same family as Marburg virus disease and Zaire ebolavirus, which killed 11,325 in one outbreak in West Africa from 2014-16. Ebolavirus disease spreads between people via direct contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of infected people and is highly virulent, causing hemorrhagic fever.


Laboratory at Makerere University Walter Reed Project, where Sabin’s Phase 2 Sudan ebolavirus vaccine clinical trial begins this month.

Based on the same cAd3 platform as its Marburg vaccine candidate, Sabin’s single-dose investigational Sudan ebolavirus vaccine was found to be promising in Phase 1 clinical and non-clinical studies, with results showing it to be safe, while eliciting rapid and robust immune responses that lasted up to 12 months.

This is Sabin’s second Phase 2 clinical trial partnership with MUWRP, based in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. A Phase 2 trial for a Marburg vaccine is already underway, having recently completed enrollment. Initial results from the Marburg trial are expected later this year.

Dr. Betty Mwesigwa, deputy executive director of MUWRP, is once again the principal investigator (PI) for the Sabin-sponsored trial for the Sudan ebolavirus vaccine. In the coming weeks, participants will also be enrolled at the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Siaya, Kenya, with Dr. Videlis Nduba serving as PI for that site. In all, 125 volunteers will participate in the trial across the two countries.

“We are delighted to advance a vaccine candidate that can thwart a deadly and devastating disease, especially one that caused a fairly recent outbreak and for which no approved treatments exist,” says Amy Finan, Sabin’s Chief Executive Officer. “Sabin’s vaccine candidate is backed by strong safety and immunogenicity data, and we hope this trial will yield further evidence to move the vaccine closer to licensure.”

The most recent outbreak of Sudan ebolavirus occurred in the fall of 2022 in Uganda, after six suspicious deaths in the Mubende district. That outbreak ultimately resulted in 55 deaths. Sabin’s vaccine was the first to arrive in Uganda during that outbreak after the World Health Organization included it as one of three vaccines for possible use in an outbreak trial. The outbreak ended on January 11, prior to vaccine being deployed for use.

“Makerere University Walter Reed Project is pleased to partner with the Sabin Vaccine Institute once again,” says Dr. Mwesigwa. “Uganda has the most experience with Sudan ebolavirus outbreaks so we understand the importance of testing and researching an effective Sudan ebolavirus vaccine that could be used in the event of an outbreak.”

The Phase 2 clinical trial will evaluate safety and immunogenicity for the vaccine among a larger group of individuals than in previous trials. This is a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study, meaning that neither the participants nor the researchers will know whether trial participants receive a vaccine dose or a placebo dose until after the trial is over, an approach used to help reduce experimental bias.

Participants in the clinical trial will be monitored for a full year and will include both younger (18-50 years) and older age groups (51-70 years). Interim results are expected next year. In addition to the current trial in Uganda and Kenya, Sabin plans to conduct a similar Phase 2 clinical trial for Sudan ebolavirus vaccine in the U.S.

The Sudan ebolavirus vaccine trials are supported by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under multi-year contracts between the organizations.

To date, Sabin has received around $216 million in contract awards from BARDA for furthering vaccine research and development against Sudan ebolavirus and Marburg virus diseases. BARDA and Sabin began working together in September 2019 to develop the two monovalent vaccine candidates.

This project has been supported in whole or in part with federal funds from the Department of Health and Human Services; Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response; Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), under contract numbers 75A50119C00055 and 75A50123C00010.

About the Sabin Vaccine Institute

The Sabin Vaccine Institute is a leading advocate for expanding vaccine access and uptake globally, advancing vaccine research and development, and amplifying vaccine knowledge and innovation. Unlocking the potential of vaccines through partnership, Sabin has built a robust ecosystem of funders, innovators, implementers, practitioners, policy makers and public stakeholders to advance its vision of a future free from preventable diseases. As a non-profit with three decades of experience, Sabin is committed to finding solutions that last and extending the full benefits of vaccines to all people, regardless of who they are or where they live. At Sabin, we believe in the power of vaccines to change the world. For more information, visit and follow us on X, @SabinVaccine.

About Sabin’s Vaccine R&D Using the cAd3 Platform

In August 2019, Sabin announced exclusive agreements with GSK for Sabin to advance the development of the prophylactic candidate vaccines against the deadly Zaire ebolavirus, Sudan ebolavirus and Marburg virus. The three candidate vaccines were initially developed collaboratively by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and Okairos, which was acquired by GSK in 2013. The candidate vaccines, based on GSK’s proprietary cAd3 platform, were further developed by GSK, including the Phase 2 development for the Zaire ebolavirus vaccine. Under the agreements between GSK and Sabin, Sabin exclusively licensed the technology for all three candidate vaccines and acquired certain patent rights specific to these vaccines.

About the Makerere University Walter Reed Project

MUWRP is a non-profit biomedical research organization with a mission to mitigate disease threats through quality research, health care and disease surveillance. The project’s scope includes, among others; clinical research in infectious and non-infectious diseases such as HIV, Ebola, Marburg, COVID-19, Influenza and Influenza-like illnesses, and neglected tropical diseases such as Schistosomiasis, among others. A major part of the clinical research are clinical trials, where the MUWRP has conducted more than 12 phase 1 and 2 vaccine clinical trials including the first Ebola vaccine trial in Africa.

Media Contact:
Monika Guttman
Media Relations Specialist
Sabin Vaccine Institute
+1 (202) 662-1841

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LS Retail and FreedomPay partner to deliver unified payments worldwide

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LS Retail, an Aptos Company has partnered with FreedomPay, the world’s largest independent payment gateway. This partnership enables retail and hospitality businesses that use LS Retail software to deliver simpler, faster payment experiences to their customers with minimum effort.

LS Retail: Supporting businesses around the world

Over 100,000+ retail, restaurant, pharmacy, forecourt, and hospitality businesses already rely on LS Retail software solutions to manage their entire operation. LS Central is LS Retail’s comprehensive retail management system that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP with industry-specific functionality. The solution enables businesses to run back-office operations, sales, financials, inventory, eCommerce, customer loyalty, and more on a single platform. LS Pay is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) software solution that enables businesses using LS Central to have a choice when it comes to selecting a payment service provider (PSP) with out-of-the-box support for several PSPs in multiple regions.

FreedomPay: A leader of payment innovation

FreedomPay is a data-driven commerce platform delivering secure, seamless transactions across industries such as retail, food and beverage, and hospitality. The Next Level Commerce™ platform combines security, identity, payments, loyalty, and business intelligence into one solution, enabling businesses to offer a hyper-personalized purchasing experience for their customers while ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance across all channels.

Enhancing the payment experience together

Thanks to this new partnership, businesses running their operations on LS Retail software will be able to connect not only to FreedomPay, but also to any of the PSPs that leverage the white-labeled FreedomPay technology stack. The LS Pay-FreedomPay integration is available out-of-the-box to LS Central and LS Pay users. Included are advanced payment functionalities, including Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) capabilities and transaction analytics. Currently, the FreedomPay integration is available for PSPs in 75+ countries and continues to expand rapidly across the globe.

By taking advantage of the FreedomPay and LS Pay platforms, merchants can speed up and simplify the payment process across all channels, staying on the cutting edge of omnichannel payment technology without the need for a complex integration project.

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with FreedomPay,” says Petur Sigurdsson, Product Director of LS Pay at LS Retail. “Unified payments play a crucial role in delivering seamless experiences across all channels and our collaboration with FreedomPay underscores our commitment to providing businesses with the technology they need to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.”

“FreedomPay’s single unified platform brings industry-leading commerce innovation, security and global connectivity to merchants looking to take their businesses to the next level,” said Nate Ware, SVP Sales & Digital Development at FreedomPay. “Our partnership with LS Retail will enable merchants to offer best-in-class technology for a seamless commerce experience.”

About LS Retail, an Aptos Company

LS Retail, an Aptos Company is a world-leading developer and provider of unified software solutions for retail, hospitality, food service, and pharmacy businesses.

The LS Retail solutions unite ERP, Point of Sale, e-commerce, order and inventory management, CRM, advanced analytics and more, in just one platform. Every day, over 100,000 stores, restaurants, pharmacies, resorts, and other businesses in 157 countries run on LS Retail software. Learn more at

 About FreedomPay

FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ platform transforms existing payment systems and processes from legacy to leading edge and enables merchants to unleash the power of pay. As the premier choice for many of the largest companies across the globe in retail, hospitality, lodging, gaming, sports and entertainment, foodservice, education, healthcare and financial services, FreedomPay’s technology has been purposely built to deliver rock solid performance in the highly complex environment of global commerce.

The company maintains a world-class security environment and was one of the first payment solution providers in North America to be validated by the PCI Security Standards Council. FreedomPay’s robust solutions across payments, security, identity, and data analytics are available in-store, online and on-mobile and are supported by rapid API adoption. The award winning FreedomPay Commerce Platform operates on a single, unified technology stack across multiple continents allowing enterprises to deliver an innovative Next Level experience on a global scale.

Jennifer Tayebi
Burson for FreedomPay
+1 734 395 0780

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Minimum Deposit Casinos Announces Completion of Full Website Revamp

Before and After: MDC Website Redesign

Before and After MDC

Comparison of the Minimum Deposit Casinos website before and after the comprehensive redesign. The updated site features streamlined navigation, enhanced functionality, a modern aesthetic, updated logo, and improved user-centric features.

WATERFORD, Ireland, July 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Minimum Deposit Casinos (MDC), a premier online resource for casino enthusiasts, is delighted to announce the successful completion of its comprehensive website redesign. Initiated in May, this ambitious project has seen the migration of all pages and regions to a sleek, modernized interface, enhancing the user experience across the board.

The revamped MDC website now features:

  1. Streamlined Navigation: Improved layout and intuitive menus facilitate easy access to game reviews, deposit guides, and casino recommendations, ensuring users can find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: The new design boasts faster load times and a responsive interface, providing a seamless browsing experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. Updated Logo and Streamlined Featured Images: The website now sports a refreshed logo and streamlined featured images, contributing to a cohesive and visually appealing design.
  4. Modern Aesthetic: The site’s fresh look incorporates vibrant colours, engaging visuals, and a user-friendly interface, aligning with contemporary digital trends.

“We are thrilled to unveil the fully revamped Minimum Deposit Casinos website,” said Ian Dalgety, Senior SEO Analyst at MDC. “Starting in May, our team worked tirelessly to migrate all pages and regions to the new design. Our primary goal is to provide an unparalleled user experience, and we are confident that our users will appreciate the improved functionality and aesthetic of the new site.”

Discover the Best Deals on Low Deposit Casinos

As one of the top sites in the industry, MDC is committed to offering the best deals for low deposit casinos, from as low as $1 deposit options. Our comprehensive reviews and expert recommendations help users find the most advantageous offers and maximize their gaming experience without breaking the bank.

To explore the updated website and discover its new features, visit Minimum Deposit Casinos.

About Minimum Deposit Casinos

Minimum Deposit Casinos (MDC), a subdivision under OneTwenty Group, is dedicated to offering comprehensive reviews and information on the best minimum deposit casinos. Focusing on accessibility and user satisfaction, MDC helps casino enthusiasts find the perfect gaming experience that suits their budget and preferences.

Media Contact:

Sara Jacobs
SEO PR Strategist
Minimum Deposit Casinos

Report Issues:

We strive to provide a flawless user experience. If you encounter any bugs or issues on our website, please report them to

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BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions abre caminho para novo investimento em hidrogênio verde em Budenheim, Alemanha

  • Nova instalação produzirá componentes de eletrólise e célula de combustível em apoio à transição energética global
  • A produção deve ter início em meados de 2025
  • Investimento conjunto com outros parceiros

BUDENHEIM, Alemanha, July 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) deu início à construção da sua primeira instalação de produção de última geração para componentes de hidrogênio verde e células de combustível em Budenheim, Alemanha, perto de Frankfurt. Os produtos produzidos neste local incluirão membranas revestidas com catalisador de baixo teor de irídio (CCMs) recém-desenvolvidas, uma parte funcional fundamental para a eletrólise da água da membrana de troca de prótons (PEM). Isso complementará os conjuntos de eletrodos de membrana (MEAs) Celtec® para células a combustível de alta temperatura, que também serão produzidos na instalação. Os MEAs são componentes essenciais das células de combustível que permitem que o hidrogênio, juntamente com o oxigênio do ar, seja convertido eficientemente em eletricidade.

A unidade de hidrogênio da ECMS tem operações em todo o mundo, com atividades na Europa, América do Norte e Ásia. Com o rápido desenvolvimento do ecossistema de energia renovável, a produção de hidrogênio verde a partir da eletrólise da água se tornará um pilar essencial em apoio à transição energética global. A nova instalação permitirá o lançamento comercial de CCMs recém-desenvolvidos para eletrolisadores PEM com capacidade de vários gigawatts para atender ao mercado global. Esse investimento permite que os ECMS expandam suas capacidades em metais preciosos, catalisadores e reciclagem, posicionando-se como um provedor de soluções integradas, de ciclo total e completo em uma variedade de linhas de produtos no espaço de hidrogênio verde.

“Esta nova unidade em Budenheim cumpre uma parte fundamental da nossa estratégia global de hidrogênio”, disse Tim Ingle, Vice-Presidente Sênior de Serviços e Reciclagem de Metais Preciosos para ECMS. “Como líder global em serviços de metais preciosos e reciclagem de catalisadores, o investimento solidifica nosso apoio à crescente economia de hidrogênio com soluções circulares que aprimoram o desempenho e reduzem os custos dos eletrolisadores PEM e das células de combustível.”

“Nossos novos produtos progrediram com sucesso da P&D para a escala piloto. A produção em Budenheim significa um marco importante para a introdução no mercado desses produtos e nos coloca em uma forte posição para que possamos aproveitar essa grande oportunidade para os negócios”, disse Saeed Alerasool, Vice-Presidente Sênior de P&D e Aplicação para ECMS.

A inauguração do site em Budenheim está prevista para meados de 2025. A instalação em um local industrial, está situada no centro da Europa, dentro da área metropolitana de Rhein-Main. O projeto está sendo desenvolvido com a Trigona Fuel Cell Components GmbH e a Grundstücksverwaltung Rheinufer GmbH & Co. KG.

Sobre a BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions

Aproveitando sua profunda experiência como líder global em catálise e metais preciosos, a BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) atende clientes em muitos setores, incluindo automotivo, aeroespacial, qualidade do ar interno, semicondutores e economia de hidrogênio, e fornece serviços de ciclo completo com sua oferta de comércio e reciclagem de metais preciosos. Com foco nas soluções circulares e sustentabilidade, a ECMS está comprometida em ajudar nossos clientes a criar um mundo mais limpo e sustentável. O nosso novo objetivo de proteger os elementos da vida nos inspira a criar soluções sempre novas. A ECMS opera em 16 países, conta com mais de 4.500 funcionários e 21 locais de produção.

Contato de Relações com a Mídia:
Betsy Arnone
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Contato Adicional:
Katarzyna Postawa
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BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions inaugure un nouvel investissement dans l’hydrogène vert à Budenheim, en Allemagne

  • La nouvelle installation produira des composants pour l’électrolyse et les piles à combustible afin de soutenir la transition énergétique mondiale
  • La production devrait commencer à l’été 2025
  • Investissement conjoint avec d’autres partenaires

BUDENHEIM, Allemagne, 11 juill. 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) a entamé la construction de sa première installation de production de pointe pour l’hydrogène vert et les composants de piles à combustible à Budenheim, en Allemagne, près de Francfort. Les produits fabriqués sur ce site incluront des membranes revêtues de catalyseur (CCM) à faible teneur en iridium récemment développées, un élément fonctionnel clé pour l’électrolyse de l’eau à membrane échangeuse de protons (PEM). Ces membranes viendront compléter les assemblages membrane-électrode (AME) Celtec® pour les piles à combustible à haute température, qui seront également produites sur le site. Les AME sont des composants essentiels des piles à combustible qui permettent de convertir efficacement l’hydrogène associé à l’oxygène de l’air en électricité.

La division hydrogène de la société ECMS est présente dans le monde entier, et exerce ses activités en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et en Asie. Avec le développement rapide de l’écosystème des énergies renouvelables, la production d’hydrogène vert à partir de l’électrolyse de l’eau deviendra un pilier essentiel pour soutenir la transition énergétique mondiale. La nouvelle installation permettra le lancement commercial des CCM fraîchement développées pour les électrolyseurs PEM d’une capacité de plusieurs gigawatts afin de desservir le marché mondial. Cet investissement permet à ECMS d’étendre ses compétences dans le domaine des métaux précieux, des catalyseurs et du recyclage, et de se positionner comme un fournisseur de solutions intégrées, en boucle complète et de bout en bout, pour toute une série de gammes de produits dans le domaine de l’hydrogène vert.

« Ce nouveau site à Budenheim est un élément clé de notre stratégie mondiale en matière d’hydrogène », a déclaré Tim Ingle, vice-président principal des services et du recyclage des métaux précieux pour ECMS. « En tant que leader mondial dans le domaine des services liés aux métaux précieux et du recyclage des catalyseurs, cet investissement renforce notre contribution à la croissance de l’économie de l’hydrogène grâce à des solutions circulaires qui améliorent les performances et réduisent les coûts des électrolyseurs PEM et des piles à combustible ».

« Nos nouveaux produits ont évolué avec succès du stade de la R&D à celui de projet pilote. La production à Budenheim représente une étape importante pour l’introduction de ces produits sur le marché et nous place en bonne position pour tirer parti de cette formidable opportunité commerciale », a précisé Saeed Alerasool, vice-président principal chargé de la R&D et des applications pour ECMS.

L’ouverture du site de Budenheim est prévue pour l’été 2025. L’installation, dans les locaux d’un site industriel, est située au centre de l’Europe, dans la région métropolitaine Rhin-Main. Le projet est développé avec Trigona Fuel Cell Components GmbH et Grundstücksverwaltung Rheinufer GmbH & Co. KG.

À propos de BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions

Exploitant sa grande expertise en tant que leader mondial de la catalyse et des métaux précieux, BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) est au service de clients dans de nombreux secteurs, notamment l’automobile, l’aérospatiale, la qualité de l’air intérieur, les semi-conducteurs et l’économie de l’hydrogène, et fournit des services en boucle complète grâce à son offre de négoce et de recyclage des métaux précieux. En mettant l’accent sur les solutions circulaires et la durabilité, ECMS s’engage à assister ses clients dans la création d’un monde plus propre et plus durable. Protéger les éléments de la vie est notre objectif et cela nous inspire dans la recherche de solutions toujours nouvelles. ECMS est présent dans 16 pays et compte plus de 4 500 employés sur 21 sites de production.

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BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions breaks ground on new green hydrogen investment in Budenheim, Germany

Groundbreaking of new green hydrogen production facility in Budenheim, Germany
Pictured left to right: Dr. Günter Krummel, Gesellschafter Trigona FCC; André Semann, CFO Budenheim; Meaghan McGuire, Head of Strategic Marketing, Hydrogen, BASF ECMS; Tim Ingle, SVP Precious Metal Services and Recycling, BASF ECMS; Saeed Alerasool, SVP R&D and Application, BASF ECMS; Daniel Malko, Head of Operations, Hydrogen, BASF ECMS; Armin Arnaut, Senior Manager Bau- & Facility management Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG; Jason Cox, Global Head of Hydrogen Business, BASF ECMS; Katarzyna Postawa, EMEA Communications Manager, BASF ECMS; Jurica Vidaković, Geschäftsführer Trigona FCC; Thomas Reinel, Geschäftsführer ries+ries Architekten Ingenieure GmbH; Christian Meyer, Bauingenieur Budenheim
  • New facility will produce electrolysis and fuel cell components to support the global energy transition
  • Production is planned to commence in the summer of 2025
  • Joint investment with other partners

BUDENHEIM, Germany, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) commenced construction of its first state-of-the-art production facility for green hydrogen and fuel cell components in Budenheim, Germany, near Frankfurt. The products produced at this site will include newly developed low-iridium-loaded catalyst coated membranes (CCMs), a key functional part for proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis. This will complement the Celtec® membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for high-temperature fuel cells, which will also be produced at the facility. MEAs are critical components in fuel cells that enable hydrogen together with oxygen from the air to be converted efficiently into electricity.

The ECMS hydrogen business operates globally, with activities in Europe, North America and Asia. As the renewable energy ecosystem develops rapidly, the production of green hydrogen from water electrolysis will become a crucial pillar in supporting the global energy transition. The new facility will enable the commercial launch of newly developed CCMs for PEM electrolyzers with multi-gigawatt capacity to serve the global market. This investment allows ECMS to expand its capabilities in precious metals, catalysts and recycling, positioning itself as an integrated, full-loop, end-to-end solution provider across a range of product lines in the green hydrogen space.

“This new site in Budenheim fulfills a key part of our global strategy for hydrogen,” said Tim Ingle, Senior Vice President of Precious Metal Services and Recycling for ECMS. “As a global leader in precious metals services and catalyst recycling, the investment solidifies our support for the growing hydrogen economy with circular solutions that improve performance and reduce costs for PEM electrolyzers and fuel cells.”

“Our new products have progressed successfully from R&D into pilot scale. Production in Budenheim signifies a major milestone for the market introduction of these products and positions us in a strong place to leverage this sizeable business opportunity,” said Saeed Alerasool, Senior Vice President R&D and Application for ECMS.

The opening of the Budenheim site is planned for the summer of 2025. The facility, on the premises of an industrial site, is situated in the center of Europe within the Rhein-Main metropolitan area. The project is being developed with Trigona Fuel Cell Components GmbH and Grundstücksverwaltung Rheinufer GmbH & Co. KG.

About BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions

Leveraging its deep expertise as a global leader in catalysis and precious metals, BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) serves customers in many industries including automotive, aerospace, indoor air quality, semiconductors, and hydrogen economy, and provides full loop services with its precious metals trading and recycling offering. With a focus on circular solutions and sustainability, ECMS is committed to helping our customers create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Protecting the elements of life is our purpose and this inspires us to ever-new solutions. ECMS operates globally in 16 countries with over 4,500 employees and 21 production sites.

Media Relations contact:
Betsy Arnone
+1 973-519-9808
Additional contact:
Katarzyna Postawa
+48 882001062
33 S. Wood Ave
Iselin, NJ 08830

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