Catholic members to reflect on the country’s democratic tenure

Lilongwe: Catholic members of an outstation of Kaggwa Parish in Area 49 in Lilongwe, Padre Pio Church have been urged to reflect on the tenure of the country’s multiparty democracy since 1993 in order to appreciate the current status call.

Arch Bishop of Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Bishop Tarcizius Ziyaye made the remarks Sunday when he was delivering his sermon when he celebrated a mass at Padre Pio Church In Gulliver Area 49.

He said it is the responsibility of every Malawian to ensure that the fruits of the country’s democracy attained in 1993 are enjoyed at all cost.

Ziyaye said as church members have a role to play in sharpening and consolidating the country’s young democracy and have the right to challenges social ills affecting them at all levels.

As concern citizens of the country, you have an obligation to ensure that the democratic principles which many Malawian opted for are upheld all the time. You have a right to enjoy its benefits as citizens, the archbishop stated.

He said the church would continue to play a crucial role of ensuring that democratic principles are respected and citizen’s rights are protected all the time.

On the involvement of Fr. Thomas Muhosha to the killing of Masauko Masambuka in Machinga, Ziyaye said the church was deeply concern because it has reflected badly on its standing to society.

He told the congregation that when the issue came out, the church responded by issuing a statement condoning the incident and has called for independent investigation on the matter.

As Church we will like to see the law takes its course and that the truth should be known as exactly to what happened, the Archbishop stated.

He said killing someone is a sin before the eyes of God and as a church would not allow such acts to be associated with.

The church is there to provide comfort and security to people and it should not been seen to be involved in activities which threatens the lives of others like killing people with albinism, Ziyaye added.

He expressed deep regret to the killing of Masambuka and he extended condolences o the bereaved family for the loss of their beloved one.

Parish Priest for Kaggwa Parish, Fr. Constantine Mgunda thanked the Archbishop for sparing his time to visit the church and providing encouragement to church members.

He pointed out that the visit has given hope to both church executive and members to commit themselves to deepening their faith.

Chairperson for Padre Pio Church Council, John Bosco Phiri said as an outstation, they felt honoured and encouraged by the visit.

The church has development since last time the Archbishop came to bless and open the church in 2014. By them the church had only 600 members but now the number has doubled to over 1,200.

This means, we are growing as church and our needs are growing too, he pointed out.

The Archbishop’s visit to Padre Pio coincided with the release of the 25th pastoral letter written by the country’s Bishops’ which was read in all parishes in the entire seven dioceses with the titled A Call for New Era in Malawi.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA