CEDEP calls for concerted efforts to fight violence against people with albinism

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) has called for concerted efforts from various stakeholders in order to end violence against people with albinism.

CEDEP Executive Director, Gift Trapence made the call recently in Chikwawa when his organization was introducing a new project “Access to Justice” expected to start soon in the district.

“The killings of people with albinism in the country are now at a crisis level. The acts are just rampant and we need to stand against these malpractices. We all must take part so that our brothers and sisters with albinism must live just like anyone,” he said.

He pointed out that CEDEP will make sure to prioritize this area so that they help in saving lives of Malawians.

He further called on all stakeholders such as religious leaders, traditional leaders, politicians and the civil society organizations to come together in the fight against killings of people with albinism.

On access to justice project, which his organization intends to embark on, Trapence said through the project, sexual minorities will be assisted in getting fair treatment and protection of their human rights.

“We wanted to brief members within Chikwawa district council of the new project we would want to embark on thus access to justice.

“This project is targeting different stakeholders specifically on violence against sexual minorities in the country.

“So, we would want to engage the police for them to understand what the challenges in terms of accessing justice whenever the sexual minorities are victims of either beatings or any human rights abuses,” he said.

He said it was necessary for people at district level to be aware of the project and how they would collaborate with his organization in making sure that the minorities in the country do receive equal treatment just like anyone.

“Access to justice though its a broad term, we have police as key partners in making sure that the people are provided with security and their human rights are equally treated.

“CEDEP has been documenting violations of the minorities every year and we have been producing reports on the same,” he added.

He however faulted some law enforcers who at times due to the misunderstanding of the cases for example involving sexual minorities they attached issues of sex orientation to the cases which saw most of the victims not treated equally.

“Most of the cases that have been reported were highlighting how the police were handling issues concerning sexual minorities whenever they were victims of violence.

” It’s an issue of misunderstanding the cases at times for example when a sexual minority has been beaten there have been incidences where in such scenarios issues of sex orientation have been put forth but all we want is the fact that all cases must receive equal treatment.

“There should be an application of the laws equally and not selectively,” indicated Trapence.

The Access to Justice Project is a joint project between the Malawi Police Service and Centre for the Development of the People and was launched early May, 2016 in Salima.

The two year project is receiving funds from the Finish Government to the tune of Euros 250,000.

Source: Malawi News Agency