Celebration of Irreechaa Festival Underway in Addis Ababa Colorfully

The celebration of Hora Finfinne, part of the Irreechaa festival, is underway today in Addis Ababa colorfully.

Irreechaa is a traditional Oromo thanksgiving celebrated every year at the bank of a river to mark the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the harvesting season.

Dressed in unique traditional outfits, people from various parts of the country gathered on Saturday morning in Hora Finfinnee, Addis Ababa to celebrate the occasion.

This year’s Irreechaa festival is being celebrated under the motto “Irreechaa: Symbol of Unity and Brotherhood.” in the presence of various segments of the society including Aba Gadas and Hadha Sinqes.

The celebration is a special stage in which the people display its cultural and spiritual values including beauty, aesthetics, and unity to the world where cultural singing and dancing are common.

Irreechaa is based on the traditional thanksgiving event to the Waka or Wakayo who is believed to create the heavens and the earth.

The Oromos thank the Waka (GOD) for good harvest, promotion of family human and soil fertility and livestock health and primarily for peace in their communities.

Irreechaa is celebrated in different localities across Oromia and worldwide where Oromos are living.

In particular, the Irreechaa festivity which is taking place at Hora Finfinne in Addis Ababa and Hora Arsadi in Bishoftu town, is a unique thanksgiving festival which brings together many people from all corners of Oromia and the country.

The celebration of Hora Arsadi in Bishoftu town of Oromia region will be held colorfully tomorrow.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his best wishes message for the celebration noted that Irreechaa is a festival of justice, equality, love and unity that demonstrates fraternity and solidarity among the people urging all to work hard to do away with obstacles and make tomorrow brighter.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency