Chief calls for cooperation in bed net mass registration

Neno, Group Village Headman (GVH) Felemu of Neno has called on all stakeholders involved in the World Vision Malawi (WVM) mass registration to work close in order to make the exercise implemented smoothly

He told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Wednesday at Felemu village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mlauli during the mass registration of bed nets current underway in the district.

The GVH said for the smooth implementation of the mass registration exercise requires that all stakeholders involved in the process to work as a team and not in isolation saying the fight for malaria is for collective responsibility.

He observed that community mobilization and sensitization has been done and all households within his area are ready to take part in the registration exercise without problems.

We are happy that free bed net distribution will target several households in the district include my area departing from the traditional norms where expectant and breasting mothers were receiving the free bed nets at an under five clinic, the traditional leader noted.

The GVH observed that since the commencement of the mass registration households have been willing to be registered after been sensitized on the importance of sleeping under the bed net throughout the year.

The Village head promised to work and cooperate with Health Surveillance Assistants (HSA) and health volunteers in the area to make sure that the free bed nets are proper used for the intended purposes.

We will keep on monitoring once the bed nets have being distributed to make sure that no one sales them or use for fishing and gardening. We are going to formulate a by-law governing the use and utilization of the free bed nets and those that will violate our standing guidelines will fined or referred to police for an appropriate action, he stated.

Neno Promotion Health Officer, Ganizani Mkwate noted that World Vision Staff have been instrumental in providing rightful messages to the communities thorough HSAs to appreciate the need to registered and get the free bed nets.

He pointed out that although the district encountered some challenges at the beginning but things have normalized and households are coming in larger number to get registered.

We are hoping that by the end of this week the projected number of the registered households will increase and that many will get registered as expected, Mkwate pointed out.

He said hailed the district team for its cooperation and coordination for the implementation of the mass registration saying the process need to be done in a rightful manner.

Nalipita Raphael, 41 married with eight children said the WVM initiative of distributing bed nets in their area would help to reduce cases of malaria.

She noted that most households spend more time in hospital receiving treatment for malaria instead being economically productive in their homes.

it is my belief that the beneficiaries of the nest will put them to go use because we have seen people get the nest from under five clinic but refusing to use them rightly and sometimes they sale them across the border to Mozambique, Raphael added.

She said households should realize that malaria kills and the only way to avoid it is to always sleep under bed nets throughout the year,

However, the common site in most places visited was that elder people were willing to register and that more women and girls represented their households for the exercise.

Traditional leaders are playing a very critical role during the registration exercise to make sure that only bona-fide members of their villages are being registered.

National identity cards are being used to register the households and those that have no National ID are being helped by relatives and neighbours for identification.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA