Chikwawa youth clubs celebrate world ‘Good Deeds Day’

Chikwawa: Chikwawa youth clubs under the Development Initiative Network (DIN) on Friday celebrated Good Deeds Day by clearing the youth friendly health services wing of the district hospital.

Speaking after the clean-up exercise, DIN Malawi Executive Director, Anderson Billiati said ‘Good Deeds Day’ is the day when people come out to help others less privileged in society in any possible way as a way of promoting sharing.

The aim of the event was to do charity work and we thought of reaching out to the district hospital. This will also help cover some gap as you know the hospital is under staffed, he said.

Billiati disclosed that the day is commemorated globally every year on April 15, saying DIN had delayed to hold the celebrations due to other hiccups.

He observed that last year the day was conducted by providing some charitable activities with the elderly where cleaning of houses and donations characterized the event.

However, the Executive Director was quick to mention that only a few youths participated in the exercise because DIN had inadequate resources to ferry people from different parts of the district to the event.

The youth that participated in the event form part of our youth clubs. It would have been difficult to bring all of them together because these clubs are located in far places, he added.

Billiati pointed out that DIN has lined up a number of activities to be carried out this year like sensitizing people on the importance of girl child education, demerits of early pregnancy and marriages across the district.

DIN Malawi continues to encourage young people in the country to join youth clubs and participate in various youth activities because through such interactions they share experiences and learn new things on how they can effectively contribute to national development, he said.

In an interview, one of the youth who participated in the event, James Magombo said the youth had the responsibility to help out in various community activities.

He admitted that I felt great to be part of the event. You may agree with me that when we reached the hospital, it looked dirty but now we’re leaving it spick and span.

Chikwawa District Hospital Head of Grounds, Jeffrey Kalosi commended DIN for mobilizing the youth in the initiative to clean the hospital premises.

We are very happy with what the youth in the district under DIN have done, he said.

Kalosi explained that, Currently, we are understaffed and it becomes very difficult to keep the whole place clean. We hope that this is just the beginning and that you will keep on extending a helping hand.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA