Children in Nsanje not patronizing CBCCs

Nsanje, It has been established that despite the presence of Community Based Child Care Centres (CBCC) in Nsanje, there is low attendance of children to these centres due to lack of interest by their parents.

According to Nsanje Social Welfare Office Report seen by Malawi News Agency, only few children patronize the CBCCs though there are a number of such facilities in the district.

The report indicates that most of the children just stay at home with their parents who discourage them to attend Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

Nsanje District Social Welfare Assistant, Patrick Kopolo, acknowledged authoring the report as he expressed worry over the challenges the ECD services are facing in the district.

We had a massive data collection exercise. The process identified two major challenges which included that parents are discouraging their children from attending such important services.

The other challenge is that parents are also reluctant to disclose the HIV/AIDS status to care givers so that they can fully take care of them, said Kopolo.

He, however, said his office intended to conduct community awareness campaigns to stimulate parents’ interest to send their children to CBCCs and also know the importance of education.

Kopolo also asked other stakeholders to be engaging the communities as the district has only 13 community child protection workers.

The number of child protection workers in the district is very low which is not easy to cover the whole district in making sure that parents are encouraged to send their children to CBCCs. Let me ask the NGOs to assist us in the awareness, he said.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA