Chilima calls for accountability and transparency in registering affected households

Lilongwe, Vice president Dr Saulos Chilima has called for transparency and accountability in identifying and registering affected households in the Lilongwe flooding disaster.

He made the call Sunday when he visited one of the affected area in Kaliyeka where 1,000 people have been displaced and 202 households have been affected and six people have been killed.

Chilima said those entrusted in registering and assessing the affected households should discharge their duties with impartiality at all cost.

We have observed that in times of such disasters some people take advantage to abuse their positions and victimize and mistreat affected and innocent individuals for their personal gains. the Vice president pointed out.

He warned that those people once are found they would be arrested and government would not tolerate such malpractice to be encouraged when distributing emergency relief.

Chilima said affected household need to receive what government has set to provide to them and not some take advantage to give them unrequired amounts of relief items.

If the affected household are to receive 50 kg of maize no one should give them 30 kg and the remaining Kgs keep for themselves in order to sale it he noted.

The Vice President who is also responsible for Department of Disaster management Affairs, (DODMA) spelt the need to encourage residents to be sanitized on the dangers environment degradation.

He said some of the flooding which is being experienced in Lilongwe is as a result of environment degradation and encroachment of the river banks by residences.

As you can see the water was over flooded due to heavy downpour but the river had to space to breathe as a results it finds its way through the houses which constructed were close to the river banks and there no way one could escape from such calamities, Chilima observed.

He pointed out that issues of environmental degradation would be hinted in Nsanje on Wednesday when we would be launching 2017/18 National Disaster Respond Plan for the country.

Government has pledged to made of the provision for the six people that have being killed a result of flooding which include four males and two females and affected areas include Kawale, Mchesi, Chipasula, Kaliyeka, Areas 22 and 24.

Flooding hit the areas around 6:30 pm on Saturday and swept all the houses which were built within the river bank where lives were was lost, houses destroyed and various properties damaged in the process.

The preliminary assessment are indicating that 202 household have been affected and the assessment is still being carried out expressing fears that the number might increase.

Malawi Red Cross Society, Lilongwe City Council and DODMA officials are currently underway assessing the situation on the ground and affected households.

Temporary shelters were being erected in order to help the affected household to avert the still heavy down pour which has hit Lilongwe the past week.

Similar floods are said to have occurred in the same area in 2012 but the magnitude of the damage was minimal as compared to this time around.

Officials from various organizations such Malawi Red Cross Society, Lilongwe City Council and DODMA officials are currently assessing the situation and registering affected households.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA