Chimbalame CCAP Cheer Maula Prison inmates

Lilongwe, Chimbalame CCAP Church of Nkhoma Synod Sunday visited and cheered inmates at Maula Prison in Lilongwe as one way of demonstrating charity work to the needy.

The festive season is around the corner; soon we shall be celebrating the birth of Jesus, hence the decision by Chimbalame CCAP of Nkhoma Synod to cheer inmates at Maula Prison as Christmas pre-celebrations.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) after presentation of items bought by the church, the wife to Reverend for the church, Aliness Makala, said the church thought of the courtesy for the inmates.

As Christians, we need to take a leading example cheering and sharing the Word of God to those who are in problems because we are all children of God and we can’t leave you like that, Makala said.

Makala advised the in-mates never to lose hope whenever they face challenges saying some of the challenges are there just to take them to the next level. She was referring to a Bible story of Paul and Silas who were also in Prison but after they prayed to God, the Prison doors were opened and were set free.

I advise you my fellow Christians never to go back to your sins when you meet challenges, because some of the challenges we meet are stepping stones to another level, they bring us closer to God, She advised.

Speaking on behalf of the Administration, Public Relations Officer for Maula Prison, Donald Mkolongo, thanked the church group for coming and for the donations they made to the prisoners, saying the inmates lacked necessities for their upkeep.

We are very grateful for the timely donations, we call it a relief because Maula as a station, we cannot manage all their problems, but with the little we have received our relatives will be relieved, Mkolongo said.

Mkolongo, however, appealed to other churches and well -wishers to come either to donate or share the Word of God with the prisoners, saying the prisoners should not be taken as condemned people.

The doors are open for other churches to come and make their donations and share a Word of God because it is the Word of God that can change characters of inmates. Prisoners should not be taken as rejected people, he said.

During speech presentation, one of the inmates who is also a leader of the CCAP Church at the Prison, Isaac Mike Chiotcha, thanked the Chimbalame Church for the kind gesture they made and appealed to the public to welcome them after completing their sentences.

He said the tendency of jeering at the prisoners is giving great impact towards their life.

People out there should welcome us after finishing serving our sentences, as we have really changed spiritually. We are good people that we can be productive citizens to our families who can develop the entire nation, Chiotcha said.

He, however, requested government to have proper investigations in some cases, observing that they are not properly handled which, in turn, creates a big disadvantage to those people who do not know how to speak in court resulting in loss of their cases.

I ask government to consider having thorough investigations for other cases because there are some people who are not supposed to be here but because they failed to defend themselves in court, and their cases were are not properly investigated, they ended up being sentenced, He said.

Apart from the donation and prayers, the event was spiced with activities like Poems, Choruses, and choirs from the in-mates and chigwilizano among others.

About 300 in-mates who are CCAP members attended the prayers.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA