Chiradzulu agrees on ward demarcation

People in Chiradzulu South Constituency have agreed to split their constituency into two following its large size.

Speaking at the Boma on Wednesday where Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) convened a consultative meeting, Sub-Traditional Authority (STA) Maone said the constituency is too big and consists of three chiefs namely; Traditional Authority (TA) Nkalo, Sub-Traditional Authority (STA) Maone and Sub-Traditional Authority (STA) Mpunga.

Councilor for Chikowa Ward, Alick Naphiyo agreed with STA Maone on the demarcation of the constituency saying it is the biggest in the district according to size.

He added that they have agreed to ask MEC to allocate Chisitu Primary School Centre to Mitumbila Ward from Chikowa Ward for them to have an equal number of polling centers.

Moreover, Traditional Authority (TA) Ntchema asked MEC to introduce another ward in Chiradzulu North Constituency for councilors to share ADCs equally as the constituency has three ADCs.

Later, the house agreed that part of Nangulukutiche Ward should go to Mtayamwana Ward.

MEC Commissioner Moffat Banda said MEC has observed that there is a strong positive working relationship between councilors and chiefs in the district as they agreed without difficulties as to what is supposed to be done in their district.

“What you showed us here is very interesting and satisfactory since you are exceptional from other districts where chiefs and councilors fail to agree on these issues”, he said.

Banda said as much as rearrangements can easily be done, they rely on current National Population Statistics (Census) which in the country’s case will be done in 2018.

District Commissioner (DC) for Chiradzulu Memory Kaleso thanked MEC for including the district in the program saying it will assist in managing development projects as well as strengthening relationships among people in the district.

Senior Chief Mpama thanked MEC for the meeting and urged them to visit the district regularly.

Chiradzulu district has five constituencies and 10 wards.

Source: Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA