Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints hailed for enhancing behavior change

Mayor of Lilongwe City Council, Willie Chapondera has commended the missionaries of Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Malawi for their enormous contributions to the country and the city in particular.

Chapondera who was guest of honour at a family gathering ceremony which the church organized to celebrate their existence as well as the birth of Jesus Christ the savior said churches in the country have a great role to play.

He said among others, churches bring about change in the way people conduct themselves and perceive things as well as the promotion of social services.

The church is at the center of every human being, through the church, societies are strengthened and united. Not only that, the church also through its various activities, contributes to the country’s economy and by that, improve the lives of the citizenry, Chapondera said.

He commended the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saints for helping strengthen families, build morality and above all supporting the country in its quest to improve its economic stance.

Chapondera then pleaded with the church to consider putting up an infrastructure to mark their full establishment.

Let me assure you that the government of Malawi is committed to working with your church and we will support you with the best of our abilities, he said.

As many Christians celebrated the birth of Christ, the Mayor emphasized that people should look beyond just mere celebrations and realizes that Jesus Christ was born to save the lost souls.

During this time let us allow Jesus to be at the center of life, Chapondera.

Vincent Hull, First councilor for Lusaka and Zambia province hailed government for the support ever since its establishment.

Hull said a church their core function is to bring change in people’s life particularly bringing people to salvation.

We have several divisions and among them is the humanitarian, the leadership and family divisions. All these are meant to bring a change onto human being, said Hull.

He then promised to continue working with the government and contribute any way possible.

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints was introduced in the country in 1992 and it has about 974 members in Lilongwe and 2000 in Blantyre districts.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA