Climate knowledge vital for decision making- MET

Climate information has been described as one of the essential catalysts that can help policy makers as well as affected communities make better choices in as far as climate change is concerned.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 67th World Meteorological Day in Blantyre, Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe said climate knowledge supports decision making processes as well as action plans that can strengthen urban resilience in the face of climate related disasters.

“Climate knowledge can assist city planners in developing policies. Even public health authorities can use climate information to address in a proactive way the possible health consequences of extreme events such as floods and drought,” he said.

Nkhokwe said the growing attention of climate change and sustainable development offers his department a chance to offer tailored and customized climate services to citizens for their early warning action.

Group Village Headman (GVH) Kaphikamtama of Traditional Authority (TA) Chigalu who was among the invited guests said the commemoration was an eye opener as he has learnt what there are different types of clouds each depicting different climatic meanings.

“I will be able to tell my subjects what to expect according to how the clouds have appeared, thanks to this meeting,” he said.

GVH asked government to assist his community with tree seedlings for reforestation saying he wants his area to start receiving more rains.

The World Meteorological Day is commemorated every year on March 23 and Malawi is among 191 member states under the World Meteorological Organization that celebrates the day.

The theme for this year’s commemorations is; understanding clouds, enhancing weather early warnings.

Source: Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA