CO & the tribe band hits ‘mukunama’

Lilongwe, Blantyre based afro-pop artist known as C.O real name Code Sangala has hit new single track titled ‘mukunama’ with his own music band known as the Tribe.

In the song, Sangala as a person is rejecting what people say that music artist they do abuse drugs as the way of boosting up their performance.

In addition, Sangala in the song is questioning people what would they do when celebrating and commemorating if there was no music.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Monday, Sangala said he wanted to clarify the importance of musicians to people as well as presenting and promoting tradition music touch through this new track.

I wanted to enlighten people on the significance of musicians as some people think negative when they look at artistes and they always associate them with bad names hence it is ironic thinking what would life be without music.

There is a need to put musicians back into the great light because they have a great role to play in society said tithana hit maker.

Sangala said the song is claiming people to respect musicians as one way of promoting music industry.

People should take musicians as people who are playing great role in a country as a way of bringing up music culture, he said.

Sangala is well known as Big Brother Africa game show actor and a former member of the duo music group known as Kapirintiya the group which he was singing with his brother Shadre.

Code said the release of this new track is new touch in his music scene since he started working on solo music projects.

This new track is a musically turnaround for me after I started working alone, and my sound is now incorporating a lot of tradition dance elements with an aim of making my music unique he said.

Sangala said the track will be included in his debut album titled ‘Mizu’ which will be released in September.

He said is doing bottle store tours in different districts with an aim of launching the new track.

According to him the money raised during the ‘mukunama’ launching tour will be used to donate at malaria pediatric ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.

We are launching mukunama to the audience whilst raising funds for the rehabilitation of the pediatric ward at Queens’s Hospital he said.

Sangala denied rumors which were circulating saying that he is on break musically as a false statement and he said has been still working underground projects.

I did not take a break; I have been recording slowly and researching what my sound would sound like he said.

Source: Malawi News Agency �MANA