Communities hail Parliament for filling knowledge gap

Mzuzu, Communities in Mzuzu have hailed Malawi Parliament for interacting with them on issues surrounding operations of the august House.

Speaking during Bringing Parliament to Mzuzu, a parliament’s initiative aimed at interacting with people in their areas that took place at Katoto Secondary School on Wednesday, participants from different locations and institutions said the event had filled the knowledge gap.

In our curriculum, we have topics that talk about systems of government; my participation in the event has enabled me to understand the systems better.

When I go back, I will be teaching with confidence because I know what I will be talking about, said Debra Gondwe, a standard 7 teacher at Katoto Primary School.

Praise Nyirenda, a student at St Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in the city said participating in the event had helped her understand the duties and responsibilities of both youth and adult parliamentarians in the country.

I hear of youth parliament, but I never understood what exactly it was all about, let alone what the members of parliament do, said Nyirenda.

James Phiri, a trader in the city, said initially, he did not care to listen to parliamentary proceedings on radio because he did not understand anything.

After attending this event, I want to know more about parliament and follow what parliamentarians do there.

From what I have learnt, I know that MPs are not only at parliament to say the challenges we face in our communities but also to keep government programs and plans on track, he said.

The event was held on May 1 and 2, and had an information clinic on first day and interaction with parliament officials on the second day.

The event, which is under Parliament of Malawi’s Bringing Parliament to the People Project, aims at creating a platform for locals to know more about Malawi Parliament.

Source: MANA Online