COMSIP cluster holds food exhibition, many enticed to join

Blantyre: Sigerege Community Savings and Investment Promotion (COMSIP) cluster group in Blantyre Saturday held a food exhibition function which excited many people who have since expressed interest to join the savings group.

Among other things, the group showcased various food stuffs representing all the six food groups, concrete toilet slabs, vegetable gardens and its broiler business.

Speaking during the event, the group’s Chairperson, Mary Taombe said the aim of the exhibition was to show people around the area the various activities that the group was conducting so that they are encouraged to join.

We started our group in 2011 and we have over the years grown so big. However, the aim of today’s function is to let the public know what we are doing in terms of nutrition, health and sanitation as well as economic empowerment.

Many people don’t believe in cooperatives and after the exhibition, we are sure many will join us, Taombe said.

According to the chairlady, the group, which is composed of 30 women, has about MK2 million in form of shares and its various businesses.

We don’t have established businesses but soon when we have accumulated enough capital, we want to venture into a goat-rearing business and also improve on our broiler business, she said.

Group Village Headman Andersen hailed the cluster group for being the model in the entire community.

According to the local leader, since the group started, many people, especially women, have formed business groups and are involved in various economic activities.

Currently, there are about 30 groups of women conducting different businesses and the idea was copied from Sigerege Cluster Group. I am hopeful that in few years to come, my area should be a totally transformed one, the GVH said.

The group village headman appealed to government to continue initiating programmes that would empower the rural poor and move them out of the poverty trap.

Sigerege Cluster Group was formed from Public Works Programme (PWP) that government has been implementing for years now.

District Community Development Officer (DCDO), Agness Napwanga, said Blantyre has about 243 cooperative groups that are engaged in various businesses.

Napwanga said it was pleasing to see that the community and resilient programme, one under the Department of Community Development in the Ministry of Civic Education and Community Development was bearing fruits.

Community resilience is one of the pathways to graduation from poverty. By engaging people in various economic activities, we are sure of building a better Malawi.

COMSIP is one of the institutions in the country helping to reduce poverty among Malawi’s rural populous through establishment of cooperatives.

We appreciate COMSIP for complimenting efforts of creating a better Malawi, said Napwanga.

The DCDO commended Sigerege group for holding the exhibition which she said would encourage many people join groups and start up some reasonable businesses with the aim to improve their wellbeing.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA