Constituency, ward demarcations in government’s hands

Neno: Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has said government will have the final decision on whether some districts will have their wards and constituencies re-demarcated.

MEC Commissioner, Moffat Banda said this on Thursday in Neno on the sidelines of a tour of voter registration centres.

He said the ongoing Population and Housing Census (PHC) would give a picture of whether some areas need to be demarcated but government’s nod was crucial.

“Once the population census is over we shall sit down as MEC to see where we can make adjustments but the final say will come from government depending on money because in order to have more constituencies it will mean more money. Otherwise the exercise is in the pipeline, the MEC commissioner pointed.

This follows long time calls from different sections of people in Neno to have the district split into more constituencies as opposed to the two existing ones to facilitate development.

The district has four Traditional Authorities each forming a ward.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA