Councillors advised to mobilise funds for development

Chiradzulu, Senior Chief Chitera of Chiradzulu has advised aspiring councillors for Mlombozi Ward in Chiradzulu West Constituency to mobilise financial resources for implementation of development projects being promised during campaign.

Chitera made the remarks on Thursday at Nkhande Primary School in the district during a political debate for local government aspirants organized by National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust.

I urge you to source funds on your own for the development projects you are promising without relying on funds from the council, since sometimes money at the council is hard to come by, she said.

Senior Chief Chitera also reminded the aspirants that campaign period was not meant for the candidates to talk ill about others, but sell their manifestos for voters to choose the right representative.

Chitera, therefore, encouraged her subjects not to be brain-washed by being dictated on who to vote for. She asked them to patronise campaign rallies for all the candidates for them to make an informed choice.

Mlombozi Ward aspiring councillor for the Democratic Progressive Party, Nelson Mwandama said he had already started developing the area using personal resources without relying on the district council.

I am doing all this because I know that people need leaders who are resourceful, Mwandama said.

In his remarks, NICE District Civic Education Officer for Chiradzulu, Kondwani Neba, advised the electorate, particularly the youth, not to be used as perpetrators of political violence.

He, therefore, advised people to come out in their large numbers and cast their vote on May 21 in a bid to effectively consolidate the country’s democracy.

NICE was established as a public trust in 1999 and was accredited by Malawi Electoral Commission to conduct civic and voter education. The political debates are being held with support from the Germany Government.

Source: MANA Online