Crime drops by 18 percent in Mwanza

Blantyre: Mwanza Police second quarter security report for 2018 which has just been released indicates a drop in criminal activities by 18 percent.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency on Thursday, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Mwanza Police, Edwin Kaunda said from April to June in 2017, Mwanza police registered 60 criminal cases while within the same period this year the station has registered 49 criminal cases which translate to 18 per cent drop.

The good news is that breaking, sexual and assault offences which were on a higher side during the second quarter of 2017 have been reduced this year.

This is partly so as most habitual perpetrators of these offences were arrested and taken to court for justice and are now serving custodial sentences, he said.

On traffic management, the station achieved a reduction of 33 per cent in road accidents.

In 2017 three road accidents were recorded in the second quarter whilst in 2018 only two accidents have been recorded in the just ended second quarter.

Kaunda attributed the reduction in crime and road accidents to frequent sensitization and awareness meetings coupled with stiffer punishments to offenders.

The police together with surrounding communities in Mwanza are now holding frequent sensitization meetings which highlights on the importance of having a law abiding citizenry, the PRO added.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA