‘CSOs being used by the opposition ‘

Lilongwe: A grouping calling itself Concerned Citizens on Peace Building and Human Justice has accused Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under the banner of Human Rights Defenders of being agents of opposition political parties on the basis of human rights and good governance when in actual fact they are mercenaries.

The remarks were said in reference to the September 21st demonstrations.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe on Monday, chairperson of the Concerned Citizens, Phillip Kamangira, said the group is shocked with the level of conduct of the CSOs saying they (CSOs) have turned themselves into politicians.

He said this has been seen in the materials that were produced during the demonstrations which depicted a particular political party.

We have seen that the civil society’s motive is not all that related to civil society work, but rather that of politicians. The messages displayed during the demonstrations reflect that they are opposition political party mercenaries, said Kamangira.

He appealed to the CSOs saying if they want to do politics they should resign and register a political grouping or better still join an existing one rather than hiding behind human rights issues.

Kamangira said the just ended demonstration was not by the CSOs per se but sponsored by opposition political parties to which he said they have evidence.

We are aware of meetings and conversations these CSO leaders have had with leaders of opposition political parties who are sponsors of the just ended demonstrations. There is leaked information circulating on the social media which can be confirmed with GCK Cameras, he said.

He said the CSOs should not hide behind Malawians but rather declare their stand as to who they are representing.

The concerned citizens challenged the CSO under human Rights Defenders to take them to court if they are not in agreement with what has been said about them.

Last Friday, the CSOs held demonstrations in the major cities of the country against the incumbent government.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA

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