DAM to elect new office barriers on December 10

The Darts Association of Malawi (DAM) says it will hold elections during its annual general assembly which is slated for December 10 in Mzuzu, where interested candidates will be vying for different positions.

The election follows the end of tenure of office for the current office holders.

DAM Secretary General, Chester Kayange, said the general meeting to be held will determine the future of darts game in the country.

“We are going to have new people after the elections on Saturday, during the Annual General Meeting. The elected officials will run the association for the next two years,” he said.

Kayange added that to ensure the right direction for the game of darts, the association will scrutinize different reports from various departments of the association during the impending meeting.

He said such an exercise will be conducted after every two years which the office bearers will have served.

“The treasurer will present his financial report for the past two years and the chairman will also present his performance [report] during his tenure,” the DAM secretary general said.

He said DAM has also been approached by various stakeholders, which he did not disclose, to be present at the AGM and possibly offer a sponsorship deal.

During the election, five positions of President, Vice president, Secretary General, Tournament Director and Treasurer, will be up for grabs.

On the position of president, there are two nominees, Joe Zangazanga and Charles Katole while Tichitenji Mfinda, James Manyetera and Brave Chirwa will be vying for vice president.

The position of secretary general will go to Chester Kayange after going unopposed. The position of tournament director will be in contention by Dackain Karim, Chipiliro Mzanda, Antony Mayenda and Macelo Kasambala while the position of treasurer will be contested by Mutchakheye Mpuluka and Charles Gongolo.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA