Dedza MPs meet Council on mismanagement of funds

Dedza: Six Members of Parliament (MPs) in Dedza on Friday met council officials on the issue surrounding the mismanagement of council funds, Malawi News Agency has learnt.

In an interview, MP for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi who was speaking on behalf all the eight MPs in Dedza, said that the legislatures had a meeting with the council officials to ask for more information on what is happening so that they can make the decision and see how best to interact with the council in their oversight role.

You remember when we had a full council meeting in March we did not approve the budget because we saw some grey areas since then we have seen the demonstration by health workers at the hospital and also seen some gaps in the way the information is given.

So we have asked for the information which they will put together, on Thursday this week will come and get the information, next week we are meeting the District Commissioner (DC) and his team again and then thus when we can have more information about Dedza. For us this is part of our oversight role, she explained.

Lunguzi pointed out that as legislatures for Dedza they are worried that they continue hearing about these issues and they want to know the genesis of it and see what will be the way forward for Dedza.

She said that as of now they do not want to make any heist decision or conclusions as issues of finance are very delicate.

District Commissioner (DC) for Dedza, Ellis Tembo said the MPs visited them because of the reports that are circulating in the media that the district council finances are not in order and there are rumours that the council has squandered some money.

The members were here to hear from us what has happened so we gave them some reports and because their notice was too short, the other information they asked for was not readily available so we have agreed that they are coming again within the week to collect all the other supporting information like the vouchers so that they can analyse the expenditures and see exactly what is happened, he stated.

Tembo disclosed that as the council they have involved the National Government Finance Committee to look into the council books and tell exactly what the books are showing and if they are to bring the auditors they should bring external auditors.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA