Departments urged to support interns

Kasungu: Kasungu District Labour Officer (DLO), Olive Panyanja, has urged all government departments to support interns that have been deployed to various sectors on government internship program across the country.

Panyanja made the remarks on Tuesday during a District Executive Committee meeting in the district.

She said the interns have been allocated to different sectors in order to learn from those who have experience in the fields.

These young people are in different departments to learn from us, so we need to support and teach them how to work, let us make sure that they get the experience, skills and knowledge they need, said Panyanja.

She also said the professional skills that the interns will learn from different areas will not only benefit them, but also the country.

The skills and knowledge that these students will learn will not only help them to be successful in their field of study but also make them highly qualified citizens and professionals who will in the future work in different sectors of the country and hence develop it,” she said.

Commenting on the matter, one of the interns who asked for anonymity commended the Labor Officer for her speech.

I am happy the Labour Officer has addressed this issue to the sector heads in different departments, as interns we are facing a number of challenges that need to be looked at if we are to be treated properly in the sectors that we have been allocated, he said.

The government of Malawi through Ministry of Labor has sent over 2000 interns who graduated from different universities to various departments across the country to work as interns for the period of 10 months.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA