DPP delivering manifesto promises – President Mutharika

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika Sunday said his government is doing the developments that were promised in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) manifesto.

He said this during a political rally at Masintha ground in Lilongwe aimed to thank people in the Central region for voting him into power.

“My government is doing what was promised in the manifesto despite other people saying that since we entered into government only two notable developments have been done.

“We have opened 13 community colleges and we are about to open the 14th one in Mangochi soon, we are constructing roads, Malata cement subsidy programmes and asking international business people to invest their business here in Malawi ,” Mutharika explained.

He added that as one way of telling the nation what his government is doing, he asked six ministers to speak to the nation on what their ministries are doing in fulfillment of what they promised Malawians.

Mutharika said all the roads that were marked for construction will be completed as money are available to commerce with the project while some have already been started.

He said his government is still empowering women as the political rally was led by a woman from the central region.

Mutharika asked DPP followers not to discriminate those that have joined the party, but that they should work together.

He appealed to the people in the country not to be lazy and refrain from jealous so that together they can develop the country.

Speaking earlier DPP Acting Secretary General, Francis Mphepo asked members of the party to work together and that each person should be doing their job that was assigned to them.

He said in so doing they will avoid misunderstands when someone takes another person’s duty and responsibility.

Speaking on behalf of the people that have joined DPP, Ken Msonda who was Secretary General for People’s Party commended the president for allowing them to join the party without taking all the differences that were there.

“I want to thank the president for the mature political he has shown for allowing us to work together to develop the nation. We want to promise you that more people are coming to join the party,” he said.

Msonda asked DPP authorities to be sending them for duties and promised that they will do.

Senior Chief Tsabango commended the DPP government for the police vehicles they have purchased saying that it the past police vehicles were bought upon request, but this is not the case with the current government.

He said people in the country will not die of hunger as there is a lot of maize in all Agricultural Development Marketing Cooperation (ADMARC) deports and that some people are getting the relief food while others are been helped with public works programme.

Tsabango said that in the past they were receiving three thousand kwacha, but the DPP government is giving them money which they are able to buy groceries.

Some of the notable people that have joined the party include: Binton Kumtsaila, Davis Katsonga, Salim Bagus, Henry Mumba, Clara Makungwa, David Bisnowaty and Etta Banda.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.