DPP has fulfilled its promises by 75 per cent

Lilongwe: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it has fulfilled 75 per cent of the 2014 manifesto promises by implementing various developments in the country.

DPP Director of Field Operations, Dr Ben Phiri made the remarks during the media briefing on Tuesday at Beata Printing offices in Lilongwe area 49, aimed updating the media on some of the developments which DPP has done in the country.

Among some of the developments Phiri said, DPP has managed to construct better roads, Airport renovations, state of the art stadiums which he said they are acting as centres of entertainment and the introduction of Community colleges.

The director said that government through the leadership of DPP has managed to construct sugar factories and cotton factories which he said they have created job opportunities among the youth in the country.

Phiri pointed out that government has managed to establish Mlambe Centres known as One-Stop Public Services Delivery Centres in Lilongwe and Mangochi.

The Director said the Centres has reduced the task force by providing multiple services such as; the issuance passports, driver’s licenses, certificate of fitness (CoF) for vehicles, change of vehicles ownership, national identities as well as birth and death certificates.

On the other hand Phiri said government for the first time under the leadership of Prof. r Peter Mutharika has convinced a donor to offer 100 vehicles to help Malawi Police Service to provide strong security in the in the country.

He said that DPP is the only party which is fulfilling its promises raised during its campaign period before it started ruling the country.

DPP is the only political party which has managed to fulfill the promises raised during its campaign period as we believe that Malawians are not stupid as they think when choosing the leadership, phiri explained.

He said DPP’s vision and mission is to bring in sustainable developments in different sectors including education and health sectors in the country.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA