Drone crashes in Lilongwe

Lilongwe: A drone which was assigned to deliver blood samples from Area 25 Health Centre to Malawi Blood Transfusion Services (MBTS) offices in Lilongwe crashed on April 18, 2018 at Area 25B soon after taking off.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Kanengo Police, Labani Makalani, said the drone which is a fixed quadcopter hybrid aircraft, was being operated by a US national identified as Julie Bateman, 29 of Reach Village.

He explained that Reach Village is an organization which is implementing a pilot project aimed at ensuring quick delivery of blood samples between Area 25 Health Centre and MBTS offices in Lilongwe.

Makalani said the drone took off at 15:16pm from the Health Centre and crashed some four minutes later after it lost attitude when it was flying at about 60 metres above the ground.

The drone was recovered soon after the incident in a maize field.

The Police PRO said no one was injured during the incident.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA