Early cancer detection saves lives – Khondowe

Women in the country have been urged to go for breast and cervical cancer check-up because early detection saves lives.

Speaking at a community awareness ceremony in T/A Kalolo’s area, Msundwe, Think Pink Malawi founder Blandina Khondowe said breast and cervical cancers are treatable in their early stages.

“The message is simple. Early detection saves lives. We want women to learn how to examine themselves. Here in Malawi, while a small population is certainly aware of and suffers from breast and cervical cancer, there is still a large number of the population that is not aware of how to prevent and fight the disease.

“We are here in T/A Kalolo’s area because there is a lot of ground work that needs to be done as most women live in the rural areas. They too need to be educated on the effects of breast and cervical cancer and also require adequate facilities for management and care of breast cancer,” she said.

Being among one of Breast cancer survivors, Khondowe who is also a former Miss Malawi took a moment to also share her story.

“Having witnessed firsthand the inadequacies of breast cancer treatment and care during the time of my diagnosis in 2013, I decided to educate people about breast cancer using my experience via my blog called “my breast cancer journey”.

“As Think Pink Malawi, we have a strong passion towards improving the current situation on the ground as Malawi does not have complete care for breast cancer and so we believe that we have a huge responsibility to raise awareness and help improve the public health service delivery in this country,” she explained.

She added: “I continue to educate people through my column called “Fencing Cancer” in Malawi News- one of the local newspapers. My goal is to emphasize the importance of early detection of the disease for a better chance of survival.”

In his remarks, T/A Kalolo thanked Think Pink Malawi for hosting the awareness event in the area.

“We don’t take this for granted. We know the dangers of cancer. My people have benefited a lot from this event,” said T/A Kalolo.

At the event, over 512 women registered for free breast and cervical cancer screening.

Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating breast cancer month throughout the month of October.

Since 2014, the commemorations have been organized by Think Pink Malawi, a local health organisation which was formed by Blandina Khondowe and friends.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA