ECDs need qualified care givers

The Director of Children Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Children Disability and Social Welfare, McKnight Kalanda said Care Givers in Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres need to have better qualifications if they are to deliver well in the children’s centres.

Speaking in Ntchisi at the weekend Kalanda said currently the Care Givers are of different qualifications ranging from standard 8 to Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) which he said make the centres get different qualities of service delivery.

“It’s our wish that Care Givers should have better qualifications that they can get by upgrading themselves. In the neighboring countries care givers in ECD centres hold qualifications equivalent to primary teachers with some [holding] Diplomas and Degrees. We as a country we want to be moving in that direction,” he said.

The Director said his ministry and other stakeholders were trying their best to promote ECD by training the care givers but said that was not enough as some of them had very low education that affect their delivery of materials to the children.

The District Community and Social Welfare Officer for Ntchisi, Victor Matayataya, said his office had already started encouraging the care givers with low education to either enroll with adult literacy English sessions or go back to school.

“We have committed volunteers but the problem is their low education status. We are telling them to try to upgrade themselves so that they remain care givers when government decides to employ the qualified ones,” said Matayataya.

The officer thanked World Vision for having special interest in training the care givers which he said would promote ECD programs in the district.

Source: Malawi News Agency