Expert calls Malawi tree planting exercise the worst waste of resources

Lilongwe, As the tree planting season comes to an end, an irrigation expert has branded national tree planting exercise as most ineffective and a waste of resources saying it does not give Malawians expected and desired results.

National Coordinator and Irrigation Expert for Green belt Initiative who is also the ex-chair for Rain Harvest Association, Dr Henrei Manfold Njoloma, made these remarks on Tuesday, in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) in Lilongwe.

“We cannot be talking of restoring Malawi’s green sight again in the absence of strict measures being put in place to take care of the trees planted during each year’s national planting season,” he said, otherwise lets use the resources for this cause on other projects.

According to Njoloma Malawi is goofing on the tree planting exercise because there has been no monitoring and close protection of the trees planted every year to ensure that survival was high.

“Where are all those trees different institutions and individuals planted during the previous planting seasons? I can challenge that survival rate of these trees planted every year is at a very minimal percentage.

“Should we say the re-a forestation and a forestation effort are adding any value to our environment? Surely it’s just a worst waste of our resources? He pointed out.

Njoloma told Mana that the country should wake up and embrace rain water harvesting and tree protection exercise if the battle to return the country’s green sight is to be successful.

“It’s high time Malawians should now talk of ‘national tree survival exercise’ which can go together with rain water harvesting exercise in the country. The waters harvested would be used to water the trees during the dry season when the trees die most due to lack of water,” he suggested.

Njoloma said if Malawians harnessed rain harvesting there should have been great success in agriculture hence boosting the country’s economy.

“We cannot talk of water harvesting without talking of more yielding agricultural life in both animal and crop husbandry. The proceeds from this successful farming can turn our economy around besides fighting malnutrition,” the National Coordinator observed.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre, David Bisnowarty recent remarks made at Area 10 dam during Lions Mtunthama Club tree planting exercise conquered with Njoloma’s observation on the need of taking special care on newly planted trees in our surroundings.

“We need to stand up and start showing strict caring of trees we plant annually in order to bring back our forests.

“We are losing our natural beauty through unwanted chopping of trees for burning ovens and for domestic purposes,” Bisnowaty told Mana during the ceremony adding that trees around our vicinity are continuously being cut down and the sight was becoming horrible.

He appealed to Malawians, city dwellers in particular to use some positive alternatives made available to contain the current situation.

These remarks come at a time when there is a lot of interventions from government, religious institutions, Non -Governmental Organizations that has seen thousands of trees being planted in the 2016-2017 tree planting season.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA